Good coverage in Spanish-language media of historic marriage day in Florida

A personal and celebratory tone marked most of the media stories on marriage equality in Florida that GLAAD has been seeing, most appropriate when covering a story about love. Plaintiffs Karla Arguello and Catherina Pareto did a wonderful job communicating to news audiences in Spanish (and English) just how important legal recognition is to Latino families.

Cathy and Karla familyLocal advocate Juan del Hierro celebrated what he termed a perfect gift for the day of the Three Kings that is traditionally observed on the 6th of January in an op-ed in El Nuevo Herald.  Telemundo and Univision's evening news shows covered the news and featured couples in the area who shared stories about what marriage equality means to them.  Anti-gay voices were present too, often represented by Anthony Verdugo, Executive Director of the Christian Family Coalition in Miami. Verdugo has tamped down his rhetoric recently but in the past said egregious things about LGBT people. About the repeal of Don't ask Don't Tell, Verdugo said, "It is a tragic day for our nation when legitimizing sodomy is preferred over the morale and combat-readiness of America's military." For more on Verdugo, please see GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project.

Congratulations to the plaintiffs and all of the advocates in Florida who worked so hard to make this a reality.