GLSEN kicks off Ally Week

This week is Ally Week! Celebrate all week long! 

In October of 2005 GLSEN held it's first Ally Week to celebrate Allies committed to ensuring safe and effective schools for all and to encourage students to take action. It's a week dedicated to discussion on how to be a better ally to LGBT youth.

Eight years later, Ally Week continues to gain the support of both LGBT and straight student allies. It's designed for LGBT students, straight students, educators, parents, community members and everyone. It's a great follow up to Spirit Day, when millions of people, organizations, media outlets, celebrities, and landmarks went purple to oppose bullying and support LGBT youth.

According to GLSEN, Ally Week is just as important than ever.

The unfortunate truth is that anti-LGBT bullying, violence and harassment are commonplace in America's schools. Actual and perceived sexual orientation and gender expression are two of the top three reasons teens report that students are harassed at their schools, according to From Teasing to Torment: School Climate in America, a GLSEN-commissioned report by Harris Interactive. In other words, all students - LGBT and straight alike - perceive anti-LGBT bullying and harassment as a serious problem in their schools. The vast majority of these same students said their schools would be better of if this issue was better addressed. GLSEN's 2011 National School Climate Survey found that eight out of ten LGBT students report experiencing verbal harassment at school because of their sexual orientation, six out of ten because of their gender expression, and nearly 30% report missing at least a day of school in the past month out of fear for their personal safety. GLSEN's Ally Week brings us closer to making anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and name-calling unacceptable in America's schools. We want to ensure that all allies understand the important role they play in making schools safer for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

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