Global Voices: Help LGBT Nigerians access resources to build equality

At GLAAD's first ever international board meeting in London last week, GLAAD heard from Bisi Alimi, the founder of the Bisi Alim Foundation (BAF), an LGBT advocacy organization that works to drive a more inclusive legislation and cultural environment for LGBT Nigerians through research, training, campaigning, and advocacy. Bisi describes BAF's focus as, "To build a wealth of knowledge through education, training and community engagement as a means of reducing homophobia in Nigeria." The Bisi Alimi Foundation is one such group of advocates working to make its resources more accessible to Nigeria's LGBT community, and is asking for your support to do so.

Right now, BAF is in the process of launching a website that will contribute to the work Bisi and his fellow advocates do every day for LGBT Nigerians, such as going purple for GLAAD's global Spirit Day in a united stand against bullying. Find out how you can support BAF's GoFundMe campaign for its website that will further acceptance for Nigeria's LGBT community.

Nigeria's "same-sex prohibition" law, passed in January 2014. Under the law, many LGBT couples face penalties of 14 years of imprisonment. GLAAD, through its Global Voices program, has further connected with leading LGBT advocates like Bisi Alimi and Olumide Femi Makanjuola to help accelerate acceptance of LGBT people in Nigeria.

GLAAD conducted an interivew with Bisi this summer discussing the state of LGBT acceptance in Nigeria. Take a look:

Set up in January 2015, BAF's campaign's mission statement explains the building blocks of the foundation's vision for a better reality:

1. To build a wealth of knowledge through education, training and community engagement as a means of reducing Homophobia in Nigeria.

2. To advocate for the fundamental human rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and    Transgender people in Nigeria.

3. To reduce sexual identity related stigma among LGBT, civil society organisations, Media and Police.

4. Encourage the development of universal human rights norms in Nigeria.

With recent polls conducted by NOI Polls in partnership with the Bisi Alimi Foundation and The Initiative for Equal Rights in Nigeria, support for Nigeria's same-sex prohibition law among Nigerian citizens still comes in at an alarmingly high 87%. GLAAD and its expanded Global Voices program, directed by Programs Director Ross Murray, will continue to support and amplify the work of the Bisi Alimi Foundation as well as other Nigerian LGBT organizations through additional, exciting global engagement in 2016.

To learn more about the experiences of  lesbian, gay, and bisexual people in Nigeria, check out GLAAD's Executive Summary of the Nigerian Acceptance Report.