GLAAD's Southern Stories Summer Tour continues in Alabama and Mississippi

GLAAD continues its Southern Stories Summer Tour this week in Alabama and Mississippi.Throughout the trip, GLAAD will be facilitating conversations with local advocacy leaders about accelerating acceptance and amplifying the voices of LGBT people in the South.

The trip begins in Birmingham, AL where GLAAD will be meeting and interviewing with several local leaders.

From there, GLAAD will be traveling to Jackson, MS to meet with Mitchell Moore of Campbell’s Bakery. Moore created the “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling” campaign that encouraged businesses to not discriminate against LGBT customers in the wake of Mississippi's so-called "religious freedom" laws. Moore created stickers that state "We don't discriminate" for shops to put in their storefronts to show their support for the LGBT community. Many business owners in MS began displaying these stickers and rallying together to demonstrate that discrimination is bad for the community and local businesses. 

Thursday night, GLAAD will be hosting a fellowship dinner and panel discussion in Gulfort, MS. Panelists will include Molly Kester, President, Mississippi Rainbow Center; Lea Campbell, President, MS Rising Coalition and One Flag for All; John Perkins, President, Caya; Bethany Fayard, President, Coast Equality; Melinda Medina, MS Immigrant Rights Alliance; and Cindy Eldridge, lawyer for the Department of Justice. RSVP for this event here

GLAAD will then travel to Hattiesburg, MS to speak with more local advocates and attend a baptism service with Joshua Generation Metro Community Church (MCC). Finally, on Sunday morning, Ross Murray, Director of Programs, Global and US South will preach at Joshua Generation MCC. Joshua Generation MCC is a largely inclusive church that welcomes anyone regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or social status. The church's pastorm, Pastor Brandiilyne Dear has been a leader in LGBT advocacy in MS both in the religious community and beyond. 

To view the full schedule in detail, click here.