GLAAD's LGBT Guide to the Presidential Inauguration

Washington DC is abuzz with Presenditial Inauguration activities. Among the schedule are several moments that include LGBT figures.

Keep an eye out for the following LGBT moments (Eastern Time):

Monday, January 21

12:00 Noon

President Obama’s Inauguration Speech. While we don’t know exactly what President Obama will say in his inauguration speech, we can hope that LGBT themes will be present. President Obama has supported several LGBT-inlusive initiatives, including supporting marriage equality. He was the first president to publically support marriage equality, and won reelection.

12:26 PM

Richard Blanco, an openly gay Cuban American poet, will be reading an original poem. His poems are both highly personal, and reflect the diversity of the United States. He has written on LGBT and Latino issues.


12:30 PM

Rev. Luis Leon, who was selected after anti-gay pastor Louie Giglio stepped down, will provide the benediction. Rev. Leon is also a part of The Epsicopal Church, which has made great strides in LGBT inclusion, including a non-discrminiation policy for transgender people.. The National Cathedral, a congregation of The Epsicopal Church, recently announced it will begin performing weddings for all couples.


Tuesday, January 22

10:30 AM

President Obama and Vice President Biden will attend an interfaith prayer breakfast, which will feature a scripture reading by the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, serving the LGBT community for over 40 years.




You can watch the inauguration events live: