GLAAD's funniest coming out stories

Coming out can often be difficult and hard for a lot of people, but sometimes funny things happen when someone comes out as LGBT. We asked GLAAD staffers to recount some of their funniest coming out moments. Read them and then tell us your own! 

"I came out to my parents at the Olive Garden. Nothing quite like saying 'I'm gay' over bottomless salad and breadsticks!" – Seth Adam, Senior Manager of Communications

"I once had to come out to a friend twice because he forgot the first time." – Chris Carlon, Design & Multimedia Manager

"While visiting my dad in Washington, DC over winter break my senior year of college, I decided that it was time for me to come out to him. He knew I was an LGBT advocate, but I was still a little nervous. We took a walk along the Potomac River waterfront and started talking about sexuality and LGBT issues. After we sat down on a bench, I finally told him that I identity as queer. He just looked at me and said 'well….I'm not surprised.' Haha! I rolled my eyes, but I was pretty relieved." – Lauren Herold, Administrative Assistant

"In college some of my female friends who lived down the hall made their roommates' boyfriends fill out an 'Application to date my boyfriend.' They made Richard fill it out and then they hung it on the wall with all the others. Later, they had a party in their apartment and everyone got to see that Richard had "applied" to date me. One guy, a cute wrestler, commented that it was too bad I was gay, because I could have had any girl I wanted." – Ross Murray, Director of News

"When my dad asked me if I had a girlfriend in college, I told him that he was delusional or playing stupid as my way of talking about being gay. Is that funny? No? Ok, fine." – Ricky Carter, Events Coordinator

"My coming out story isn't funny, except a lot of times when I tell people I have a girlfriend they usually think I'm talking about Sex and the City 'girlfriends' but that's not really a coming out story." – Becca Palmer, Operations Manager

"My oldest sister was the last person I came out to, and when I told her she immediately yelled, 'MOM!' Without missing a beat, I heard my mom yell back, 'Yes, I know he's gay!'"  - Brendan Davis, Digital Content Manager 

"I came out to many of the guys on my university football team when I was trying to escape being caught in a basement room of a team member. You know the expression that if your head fits through a small space, so will your body? False. Not when you're pear shaped. I got stuck in small basement the window at my hips with my legs dangling inside the room. It took the firefighters an hour to pry me free. The team was very supportive and many members are still my best friends." Omar Sharif Jr., National Spokesperson