The GLAAD Wrap: 'Tig' premieres, SCOTUS ruling to become film, 'Teen Wolf' gets renewed and more!

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) A new trailer for Netflix's new documentary Tig has been released. The film chronicles comedian Tig Notaro's battle with breast cancer during the days leading up to and following her celebrated comedy show at the Largo in Los Angeles. It premieres on Netflix this Friday, July 17.

2) Dianna Agron (best known for her role as cheerleader Quinn Fabray in Glee) has landed a lead role in indie drama Hollow in the Land, where she will play "Alison, a tomboyish lesbian who works at a pulp mill." The film will follow her in her search for her missing brother after their father is put to jail. It will be directed by Scooter Corkle.

3) 20th Century Fox has landed the rights to produce a movie based on the Supreme Court case that helped legalize same-sex marriage across the United States. It will focus on Jim Obergefell, who sued the state of Ohio after it refused to list him as a spouse on his partner's death certificate. A release date, as well as any cast or crew are yet to be announced.

4) It was announced last weekend that the third season of The CW's The 100 will see the return of out character Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey. It was also confirmed that MTV's Teen Wolf has been picked up for a sixth season, and the animated series Steven Universe and Adventure Time have both been renewed by Cartoon Network.

5) The panel for The CW's Arrow at Comic Con International revealed the addition of two new characters for the upcoming season. One of them is Mr. Terrific, a DC Comics character who on the show will be a gay man that works with Felicity Smoak and controls artificially intelligent devices. Today it was announced that actor Echo Kellum has landed the role.

6) After announcing last month that his contract with The Simpsons had not been renewed, voice actor Harry Shearer went into negotiations with FOX this week and signed a new one. This guarantees that beloved characters like Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Waylon Smithers and Principal Skinner will be back in the upcoming season.

7) Playing Gay is a documentary that attempts to "tell the story of how television changed the way America views LGBT people," and is currently attempting to raise funds through Kickstarter. Rewards for backers include posters, shirts, items autographed by celebrities, and a set visit to The Rachel Maddow Show. You can learn more about the project here.