The GLAAD Wrap: 'Supergirl' casts Nicole Maines as TV's first transgender superhero, new trailers for 'Black Lightning' and 'Star Trek: Discovery', and more!

1) Premiering today in Los Angeles is the documentary Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood. The film tells the story of Scotty Bowers, an ex-marine who became entangled as a matchmaker for (and oftentimes... lover of) many closeted LGBTQ actors and actresses during Hollywood's Golden Age; an era where queerness was not widely accepted in society. Bowers ran a gas station in a Hollywood studio lot that served as a safe space for LGBTQ actors to mingle and safely embrace their queer identities without fear of having their careers ruined. Click here for tickets to see the film. 

2) Pose star Mj Rodriguez addresses the significance to her as a transgender woman of having chosen family in her short documentary, One Stride: Chosen Family. In the film, which premiered last weekend at Outfest's Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival, Rodriguez explains the support she has received in both her personal and professional life from her chosen family, including love from her close friend, trans singer and actress Mila Jam. Watch the documentary below.

Additionally, Mila Jam is featured on the incredible new single, "Better Days," by Kayu, which dropped today on Spotify. Check out the music video, below. 

3) Gravitas Ventures has retrieved the rights to the UK film Tucked, which won the Best Narrative Audience Award at Outfest.  Aiming for an early 2019 theatrical release, the film tells the story of a veteran Drag Queen, Jackie Collins, who is told she only has six months to live. In casting news, out actor Ian McKellen has been cast in the film adaptation of the famous musical Cats as Old Deuteronomy, the wise leader of the Jellicles cat clan. He joins Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, and James Corden in the film. In more casting news, bisexual actress and daughter of the “King of Pop”, Paris Jackson has landed a role in the upcoming indie film Space Between.

4) Trans actress and advocate Nicole Maines has been cast as the first transgender superhero on television in CW’s Supergirl. Maines will play Nia Nal (a.k.a. Dreamer) in this groundbreaking role and hopes that her character will inspire others to include positive transgender representation in entertainment. Dreamer, who is motivated by her strong instinct to protect others, will be working alongside Kara at CatCo, and will join Alex Danvers as one of Supergirl’s LGBTQ characters. Set to start airing on October 14, Maines will appear on the show’s fourth season. Click here to watch the newly released fourth season trailer, and watch Maines speak at the GLAAD Media Awards below.

5) A new trailer has been released for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery which will air in January. The show, which takes place before the original series, follows the USS Discovery crew during the Federation-Klingon war and features character Paul Stamets who is the first out character in the history of Star Trek. Watch the trailer below. Series star Wilson Cruz will be participating in a conversation on "Race & Representation in LGBTQ Hollywood," sponsored by HBO and GLAAD, in Provincetown later today. Head to GLAAD's Facebook page at 3pm ET/Noon PT to watch the live stream.

6) The CW’s Black Lightning has released an action-packed trailer for its second season, which includes lesbian character Anissa Pierce (a.k.a. Thunder) flawlessly beating up villains. Thunder is the first black lesbian superhero to ever make it to the small screen. Watch the trailer below. The Legends of Tomorrow season four trailer has also been released. The show features a group comprised of many DC superheroes who fight crime, which includes bisexual character Sara Lance who was first introduced in CW’s Arrow. Watch the trailer here. More Arrowverse news includes the trailer for the upcoming season of CW’s Arrow. which includes black gay character Curtis Holt. Click here to watch the trailer. 

7) Additionally, the GLAAD Media Award-nominated Cartoon Network hit show, Steven Universe, is coming to the big screen. The series, which just aired a poignant wedding scene earlier this month, features several LGBTQ characters, providing large amounts of positive representation, as well as breaks gender roles and stereotypes. In more animation news, Netflix released a new trailer for the seventh season of their show Voltron: Legendary Defender, along with a confirmation that main character, Shiro, is queer. Shiro is the first official LGBTQ character of the show and will hopefully lead a pathway to more characters in similar shows. In Voltron’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, the show creators revealed that Shiro had a boyfriend on Earth named Adam (who will appear in the upcoming season). Watch the trailer below.

8) Syfy’s hit show Wynonna Earp, based on the comic book of the same name, has been renewed for a fourth season. The supernatural western series is known for its accurate portrayal of queer relationships which challenges many overused LGBTQ stereotypes and tropes in other media representation. The first two seasons can be streamed on Netflix, while the third is currently airing on Syfy. A new series about the childhood of out TVLine founder Michael Ausiello is currently in the works. Written by Ausiello himself, the dramedy will follow his story growing up as a young closeted gay television-addict in New Jersey during the 1980s. His other project, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, is currently in development with Jim Parson's production company.

9) A new trailer for the ninth season of Showtime’s Shameless has been released, which features out character Ian dealing with the consequences of his “Gay Jesus” persona. Meanwhile, Netflix has announced an August 31 premiere date for the second special, The Comedy Lineup: Part Two. Featuring out comedians Emma Willman and Matteo Lane, the special will consist of upcoming comedians in 15-minute stand-up sets. The first Comedy Line-up, which also features queer comedians, can be streamed now on Netflix.

10) Indigo Girls, the iconic band made up of lesbian duo Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, honor victims of the Parkland shooting in a live tribute featuring their 1999 song “Go”. The video displays a live orchestra behind Ray and Sailers on stage intertwined with clips from speeches and protests of the Parkland students after the shooting, featuring queer activist Emma González. Watch the video below. In further music news, out country singer Brandon Stansell has released a new video for his single “For You”. Click here to watch.

11) A new queer film with an all trans cast and predominantly trans crew, Death And Bowling, written and directed by Lyle Kash and created by Trans 4 Trans Productions, is seeking support. The funeral of a lesbian leader (Susan) of the queer Lavender League Bowling Club, who committed suicide on her 75th birthday, brings together her estranged trans son and trans members of the League. Together, both characters explore grief, love, and their relationships with the late Susan. Click here to support this film and watch the trailer below.