The GLAAD Wrap: "Same Love" gets VMA nomination, "Dealin' With Idiots" opens, and new Billie Jean King doc on PBS

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) From IFC Films comes Dealin' With Idiots about a comedian named Max (Jeff Garlin) who tries to understand the overly-competitive parents and coaches of his son's baseball team. Max's aim is to gather enough inspiration to create his next big movie. Look out for a lesbian couple played by Gina Gershon and Kerri Kenney-Silver. Dealin' With Idiots opened in New York theaters on July 17 and opens in Los Angeles on July 19. Check out the trailer below!

2) PBS' American Masters will tell the story of out tennis star Billie Jean King on September 10 and just released the trailer for the documentary. The special chronicles King's creation of the Women's Tennis Association, and details her tireless and determined battle with society as an advocate for women's rights in professional sports.

3) Actor Jonathan Groff is set to star in a new series coming to HBO in 2014 about a San Francisco video game designer named Patrick who regularly browses OkCupid, an online dating website, in search of a boyfriend. The series will be directed by Andrew Haigh with executive producers Sarah Condon, David Marshall Grant and Michael Lannan, who also penned the pilot episode. "The show hopefully will express all facets of gay life," Groff said.

4) Just as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8 were struck down in the recent Supreme Court rulings, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's newest hit single, "Same Love" featuring Mary Lambert, exploded in popularity. The marriage equality anthem has been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the category of "Best Video With a Social Message." Check out the video below!

5) Dream Hampton and Natasha Miller need your help to finish funding their film TransParent, which tells the story of Shelley Hilliard, a 19-year-old trans woman who was brutally murdered in Detroit, and her grieving mother's unwavering vow to honor her daughter's memory, while also telling the stories of trans women in the Detroit area. Check out the trailer below and visit TransParent's Kickstarter page to donate and support.