The GLAAD Wrap: 'Sal' gets a release date, the Beatle's Brian Epstein biopic to be produced, and new music from Erasure

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Written and directed by Stacie Passion, Concussion opens this weekend. When Abby (Robin Weigert) suffers a minor concussion, she decides to break away from her wife and kids and revitalize her sex life. After discovering her new-found libido doesn't mix with her domestic life, Abby sells herself as an escort for other women. Nominated for an award at the Sundance Film festival in 2013, Concussion opens today. The film is available same day through Wolfe On Demand. Check out the trailer below.

2) Also opening this weekend, from writer and director Alan Brown, is Five Dances. Eighteen-year old dancer Chip (Ryan Steele) moves to New York City from small-town Kansas to navigate success, discipline, and romance in a small modern dance company. Five Dances will open in limited theaters today. Check out the trailer below.

3) The Queer New York Arts International Festival (QNYAIF) opens October 23 and runs through November 3 all around New York City. Produced and curated by Zvonimir Dobrović and André von Ah, who tragically passed away this past month, the festival features dance, theater, music, installation and visual arts productions from artists around the world. Presenting artists whose work focuses on gender and sexuality, QNYAIF aims to redefine and reinterpret "queer." The festival is presented in partnership with Abrons Arts Center. For a full schedule and list of locations, visit the festival website.

4) ArcLight Cinemas will host their third ArcLight Documentary Festival on October 9-13, 2013. International Documentary Association president, Marjan Safinia, will curate this year's festival, which frequently draws acclaimed films from Sundance and Tribeca. This year's festival features two LGBT themed documentaries. Before You Know It follows three gay seniors' adventures, challenges and surprises of life and love in their golden years, and The Story of Roman & Nyro chronicles the life of legendary songwriter Desmond Child and his lifelong partner's journey to create their new modern family. The ArcLight Documentary Festival runs at the ArcLight Hollywood, October 9-13, 2013.

5) 3)Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles, is getting his own biopic, produced by Bruce Cohen (Milk, American Beauty) and Vivek J. Tiwar. The film, titled The Fifth Beatle, follows Epstein through discovering the Beatles to his death at 32 from an accidental overdose. After an unsuccessful attempt to tell Epstein's story by Tony Gittelson in 2009, The Fifth Beatle is the first film ever granted rights to the Beatles' original songs. Production is scheduled to begin in 2014.

6) Directed by James Franco, Sal, finally has a trailer and release date. The biopic tells the story of late film star Sal Mineo, played by Val Lauren. Mineo, a James Dean contemporary, was one of the first stars to come out in the late 1960s, before his tragic murder in 1976 in West Hollywood. Sal will be released on iTunes October 22, and released in limited theaters in November. Check out the new trailer below.

7) Erasure is releasing a new holiday-themed album, Snow Globe. Out songwriter Andy Bell, along with Vince Clarke, combine original songs and Holiday classics that aim to escape the over-the-top glitz of other Holiday albums by going for a stripped-down, simple sound. Snow Globe will be released November 11 as both a CD and special edition 3-CD box set with special gifts. Check out an early video preview of the album below.

8) Zachary Sergi recently published his sequel to last year's choose-your-own-adventure novel, Heroes Rise: The Prodigy. Like the original, Heroes Rise: The Hero Project is a half-novel/half-game which takes place in the 22nd century in a world where one in three people are born with Powers, and powered individuals are the new form of celebrity. According to the publisher, in the new tale "You’ll battle villains and heroes alike with your newly discovered "Infini" powers. Will you vote to eliminate your rivals, or betray your alliance to curry favor with the celebrity judges?"  The game lets you choose your gender and sexual orientation and your romance and interactions follow from the decision. Heroes Rise: The Hero Project is available for Apple iPhone/iPad, Amazon Kindle, Google Android and Windows, OS X, and Linux via the Chrome Web Store. You can check out the first part of the game for free.

9) The fourth episode of Raising McCain includes Wilson Cruz as co-host, alongside John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain. Saturday's installment, titled "Modern Family Values," explores what happens when individual values conflict with family values, including coming out. During the episode, Cruz discusses the Trevor Project and the important work they do. Check out clips from the episode below. Episode 4 of Raising McCain will air this Saturday at 10 pm on

10) A new film about marriage equality and HIV/AIDS, In Sickness and In Health, is raising funds to enter the film festival circuit. In the film, Brian tells his father he is affected by the disease. After learning this information, Brian's father storms out, only to be approached by Brian's partner, Evan, who wants to marry and take care of Brian. Writer, director and producer, Aaron Denius Garcia, hopes the film opens new discussion about equality and HIV/AIDS. Check out the trailer below and visit In Sickness & In Health's Kickstarter page to donate and support.