The GLAAD Wrap: Pitch Perfect Opens, Azealia Banks New Music Video, and Neil Patrick Harris Memoir Announced

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Glee fans won’t want to miss the new film Pitch Perfect directed by Avenue Q creator Jason Moore.  The Bellas are a group of mismatched girls who find themselves thrown together for a college a cappella singing competition, and the group includes lesbian teammate Cynthia Rose.  The film opens in limited release this weekend before going wide on October 5.  The film’s trailer is below.

2) New York residents will be able catch BearCity 2 in theaters this weekend, which continues the story of the first film, BearCity, as Roger and Tyler head to Provincetown to get hitched with their hirsute group of friends in tow.  Kathy Najimy costars as the group’s “den mother,” with an additional cameo from straight ally and bear icon Kevin Smith.  Check out the film’s trailer below.

3) Filmmaker Charlie Gage’s documentary Inspired: The Voices Against Prop 8, will officially be available in multiple formats come December. The film chronicles the passing of Proposition 8 in California during the 2008 election, the rallies that followed, and the legal challenge to bring marriage equality back to California. Gage shares, “We wouldn’t be here today without those first grassroots activists that took to the streets in L.A. night after night for weeks and made people pay attention. With four states putting marriage equality up for a vote, we need to share our struggles and learn how to win this fight.” The film will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, where you can preorder it.

4) AfterElton conducted a special interview with Adam Berry, one of the stars of Ghost Hunters. In the interview, Berry discusses paranormal circumstances that occurred when he was a child and how he became inspired to search for spirits. In a profession that is dominated by straight men, Berry shares that he has always been able to be himself, and the crew he works with accepts him and the showtunes he sings while on assignment. He recently married his longtime partner, Ben Griessmeyer, who changed his name to Ben Berry. Read all of the details on AfterElton and check out Ghost Hunters Wednesdays on Syfy.

5) Hip-hop artist Azealia Banks, who discussed her bisexuality with The New York Times this year, released her new music video. Directed by Clarence Fuller, the clip for “Luxury” was shot using the New York cityscape in black and white, evoking the spirit of classic videos from the 80s and 90s. The song is from Banks’ Fantasea EP, which you can check out here.

6) Neil Patrick Harris announced that he is working on a memoir, slated for release in spring 2014. Regarding this new venture, Harris said, “I’m excited to be writing a book of the observations and stories of my life.” The publisher, Random House’s Crown Publishing Group, described the book as nonlinear, interactive, and imaginative, differentiating it from the standard memoir. It will contain chapters on Harris' life as a child, being an out celebrity on a hit sitcom, his love for adventure and surprise, and raising a family with fiancé David Burtka.

7) A Life in the Death of Joe Meek is an upcoming documentary about the titular hit maker of the 1950s and 60s. The film is directed by Howard S. Berger and Susan Stahman, and portrays how Meek changed the rock music landscape. The creator of the classic hit “Telstar,” Meek lived a closeted life, as being gay was still illegal in England. Speaking frankly, Meek’s family shares the naivety they had regarding his sexuality and the partner that they thought was merely a roommate. Rock legend Jimmy Page and many other musicians are involved in the project. Learn more on the project’s Kickstarter page.