The GLAAD Wrap: Outfest, Hit & Miss, and a History of ACT UP

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.


1) When ACT UP member Sarah Schulman tuned into a radio story about the 20th anniversary of HIV/AIDS and realized little credit was given to activism for the scientific advancements made in battling the disease, she formed along with Jim Hubbard the ACT UP Oral History Project.  The two interviewed surviving members and in combination with archival footage they created the documentary United in Anger: A History of ACT UPThose in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington, DC will get a chance to attend a screening starting today.  Head to the film’s website for more information. 

United in Anger Trailer from United in Anger on Vimeo.

2) Outfest 2012 kicks off next week in Los Angeles with the opening night gala screening of new documentary Vito on July 12. Vito chronicles the life and advocacy of GLAAD-cofounder and Celluloid Closet author Vito Russo. Outfest will showcase several LGBT films and documentaries over its 10 day run and close July 22 with a screening of Chris Colfer’s upcoming debut film, Struck By Lightning. This year marks the 30th anniversary of LA’s LGBT film festival, which remains one of the largest in the world. View the full schedule for more information on films, tickets, venues and parking.

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3) On Wednesday at 10:00pm Direct TV will be premiering Hit & Miss.  Chloe Sevigny (Boys Don’t Cry) plays Mia, a trans woman who is left to raise the children of a former flame upon learning one of the kids is hers.  Mia makes a living as a contract killer but suddenly struggles to reconcile her risky profession with role as caretaker of the orphaned siblings.  

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4) HBO this week renewed True Blood for a sixth season, but creator Alan Ball will be stepping down as showrunner. Ball will remain in a supervisory position as the show’s executive producer while he works on developing new series for HBO and Cinemax.

5) Fans of DC’s Batwoman have even more to look forward to in the comic’s upcoming October issue when the lesbian caped crusader gets a visit from none other than the Amazon princess herself, Wonder Woman.  Arguably the most iconic female super hero of all time, Wonder Woman has long had a strong following in the LGBT community thanks to a number of creators who have kept the book LGBT-inclusive and the memorable live-action television series starring Lynda Carter.  You can get a first look at issue #13’s creepy cover above.

6) Bridegroom is a new documentary by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason about Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, two men in a loving relationship that was cut tragically short by a deadly accident. In the aftermath of Tom’s death, Shane was ostracized by Tom’s family. He posted a YouTube video about their story that went viral and has since gotten over 2.7 million hits. Bridegroom is a full length documentary that shines a light on the couple’s story and the larger dangers of what can happen to a partner left behind without the legal protection granted by marriage. Visit the kickstarter page to learn more and watch the trailer below.