The GLAAD Wrap: Newly Out Musicians and Return of the Watchmen

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.Description:

1) Showtime announced it was renewing its GLAAD Media Awards nominated series Shameless for a third season.  The inclusive drama about siblings and their dysfunctional parents features many out characters and has been getting a great response from American audiences since the British version was adapted for the United States by Showtime.  Shameless has been averaging 4.25 million viewers each week, up 30% from its first season and is now Showtime’s second highest rated program.  The series has been renewed along the rest of the network’s Sunday lineup which includes House of Lies and Californication.

2) Up-and-coming rap star Azealia Banks received a profile in the New York Times this week, in which the 20 year old confirmed that she identifies as bisexual.  The rapper has acquired an impressive following for someone who has yet to release her first album (due later this year), with her song “212” making Pitchfork’s top ten for the year and having already been watched over 3.5 million times on Youtube.  The very catchy (and very NSFW )song can be heard here.

3) Azelia wasn’t the only LGBT musician to come out this week, as Canadian country music artist Drake Jensen also decided to be open with his fans and the public.  Jensen felt it was important to talk about the love he shares with his husband and help people understand that his family is very similar to others.  “I have been so lucky to be given so much, I have no choice but to give back. I give back through my music and through my story. I’m a [gay] musician telling my story through songs and spreading the message of love. In a perfect world, what could be wrong with that?” said Jensen of his coming out.  His husband is featured in his latest video, which he dedicated to Jamie Hubley, a Canadian teenager who recently died by suicide.  Watch it below.


4) Indie band Imperial Teen has just released a new album called Feel the Sound, and have a new video for the album’s single, “Runaway.”  The San Francisco based group features openly-gay, former Faith No More band member Roddy Bottum on guitar and vocals and has routinely included LGBT inclusive lyrics on songs like “Butch,” which was included on their debut album Seasick.  You can see the new video for “Runaway” below.


5) More than just a popular comic series, Allen Moore’s Watchmen is considered one of the great literary works of the 20th century.  It’s not surprising then that the news that DC Comics will be releasing several prequel miniseries without Moore’s blessing has caused a massive uproar among fans.  Among the various series will be one focusing the super team known as the Minutemen, to be written and drawn by acclaimed creator Darwyne Cooke.  Hopefully it will also expand on the story of Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis, who were revealed to be in a secret relationship – and The Silhouette, who was forced into retirement after she was outed as a lesbian.

6) Check  out the Kickstarter page for What’s Your Story?, a documentary that follows the Human Rights Campaign supported Self Evident Truths project as they make a photographic record of LGBTQ America. Salazar Films want to travel with creator iO Tillett Wright as the project visits new cities, and document the journey through a series of short videos and vignette profiles. Self Evident Truths will be visiting several cities in the Southern US in February and March. You can visit the film’s page for more information and watch the trailer below.