The GLAAD Wrap: New Music From Lambert and Punx Frontman, Gay Bollywood Film Wins Award, and Help Bring Back Husbands

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Opening in New York theaters this weekend is the ballroom wheelchair dancing themed romance, Musical Chairs, which costars Laverne Cox as a transgender competitor.  You can learn more about the film here, and watch the trailer below.  The film opens in Los Angeles and Chicago next week.

2) Onir, one of the few openly gay directors in Bollywood, was honored last week when his narrative anthology film I Am won Best Hindi Film at the 59th National Film Awards. It is the first film with LGBT content to win a national award in India. "It's not just a personal triumph. It's a victory on a much larger level for gay filmmakers and films who have been so far sidelined not just from the national awards but also the popular awards,” Onir says of his win. I Am tells the story of four people forging new identities, including “Omar,” a gay man.  

3) Hunx and His Punx front man Seth Bogart has released a solo album, Hairdresser Blues. Bogart, who plays all the parts on Blues except the drums, says this “doesn’t feel like a Hunx and His Punx album.” Never fear! While the album does deal with break-ups and the death of both Bogart’s father and a close friend, there is still that trademark upbeat pop woven through the emotional message. Watch the video for lead single “Private Room” below. 

4) Adam Lambert released four previews from his upcoming album Trespassing this week. The songs are “Cuckoo,” “Naked Love,” “Never Close Our Eyes,” and “Trespassing.” You can listen to the previews below and vote on them as the next single to be released. Trespassing is available now for pre-order on Amazon. 

Latest tracks by mindchnger

5) Gavin Creel, Broadway star and founder of Broadway Impact, released his solo album Get Out on March 20. The album is a mix of belted ballads, growled rock and dance anthems. You can purchase Get Out on iTunes now.

6) Fans of the web series Husbands, from writers Jane Espenson (Buffy) and Brad Bell, may want to check out the Kickstarter campaign currently going strong for the series second season.  Husbands follows the fallout from a drunken marriage between a professional athlete named Brady and an actor named Cheeks.  You can watch the Kickstarter trailer below, and check out episodes of the first season on the show’s website here.