The GLAAD Wrap: More Stars Tackle Prop 8, Glee News, and How Piracy Affects LGBT Film

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.


1) Southern California residents planning on attending the Santa Barbara Film Festival this month will get a chance to catch a first look at the upcoming film Sassy Pants from writer-director Coley Sohn.  The film stars Ashley Rickards as a teen girl looking at an uncertain post-high school future with an overbearing mother and a gay father, played by Diedrich Bader.  Also of note is the actor playing her father’s boyfriend, none other than Haley Joel “I see dead people” Osment.  Get festival tickets here, and check out the film’s trailer below:

2) Despite the single picture glimpse of them in the show’s pilot, Rachel Berry’s dads on Glee still have yet to make an actual living, breathing appearance after almost three full seasons.  Look for that to finally change on the Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) episode, when actors Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell will reportedly guest star as her proud (and musical) gay papas.

3) And speaking of Glee, The Glee Project proved to be an upbeat hit for the Oxygen network, in which a group of aspiring performers competed for a guest spot on that show.  It comes as little surprise then that the show has now been renewed for a second season.  The first season’s winner is currently enjoying multi-episode guest spots on Glee, so there should be plenty of eager fans hoping to land a spot in the competition’s second round.

4) Few musicians can boast the rabidly loyal following that Ani DiFranco has amassed over the years, and this should be a good week for her fans as the veteran singer-songwriter released her newest album, Which Side Are You On? You can listen to songs from the album and get info on upcoming performance dates through her Facebook page here, and watch a video of a new song performance below.

5) Those living outside Los Angeles or New York wishing they could see a performance of Dustin Lance Black’s play 8, which dramatizes court proceedings around the ballot initiative that ended marriage for same-sex couples in California, may end up getting the chance after all.  It was announced this week that the play will be traveling to dozens of venues in other states facing marriage struggles, including Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.  Unfortunately, those other performances probably won’t have quite the star power that’s signed on for the March 3 Los Angeles performance.  In addition to the previously announced George Clooney, the expanding cast will include Jane Lynch (as Maggie Gallagher), Jamie Lee Curtis, Christine Lahti, Matt Bomer, Matthew Morrison, Rob Reiner, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Cleve Jones, Yeardley Smith, and George Takei.  Below is the long trailer pulled together from footage shot at the New York benefit performance.

"8" Trailer: Long Version from American Foundation for Equal Ri on Vimeo.

6) Anyone who went online this week was likely to come across some pretty strong opinions about legislation being considered by Congress to combat media piracy. Despite the controversy surrounding the bill in its current form, the fact remains that online piracy and file sharing is a serious problem for independent filmmakers and distributors who rely on much smaller sales numbers than the big studios to stay in business.  More often than not, LGBT films are also independent films, and LGBT film distributors like Wolfe Video are feeling the pinch. This week Wolfe Video’s founder, Kathy Wolfe, penned a piece for the Huffington Post in which she explains the difficult position online piracy puts these films and filmmakers in and pleads with their tech and internet peers to help them by working together to find a solution.  You can read the full piece here.