The GLAAD Wrap: Mary Lambert announces summer tour, season 4 of "Teen Wolf" gets a release date, and Nepantla needs your help.

teen wolfEvery week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Out actor Dan Bucatinsky, most recently known for his role as James Novak on ABC's Scandal, has been cast in NBC's comedy pilot Marry Me. The show will feature actor Tim Meadows as one of two gay dads to Annie, the main character. Annie's relationship with her fiancée Jake is the main plot of the show as the two learn that being a couple isn't as easy as it seems.

2) The release date for season four of MTV's Teen Wolf has been announced. On June 23, the cast will return with some new characters, one of whom was recently reported to be gay – and play lacrosse. You can watch MTV's eerie announcement of the show's premiere date here.

3) BBC America's mini-series In The Flesh, which has been described as a "suicidal, gay, in the fleshpost-zombie" story, is returning for a second season this May. The show follows Kieren Walker, played by Luke Newberry, who is ostracized first for being gay, and second for being a "cured" zombie, or a person with "Partially Deceased Syndrome." Look out for a release date!

4) Pride, a movie that follows the story of London gay and lesbian activists coming together with a miners union against the obvious power-foe of Margaret Thatcher, will be released later this year. The film takes place in 1984, at the height of the AIDS crisis and the prejudices surrounding it, and shows the value of a multi-faceted approach to building community and working towards equality. You can find out more about the film's specific history and story here.

mary lambert5) Mary Lambert has announced a summer tour with Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson. The Seattle-based singer-songwriter is most recently known for her single 'She Keeps Me Warm' part of which provided the real substance, as the only LGBT voice, of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's cash cow for marriage equality, 'Same Love.' Find out where Lambert will be performing, and how to buy tickets, on her website!

6) Eastsiders, the web series written by series creator Kit Williamson, has begun a new chapter in their creative portrayal of gay men living in Los Angeles. On Thursday an illustrated comic was released, illustrated by Aman Chaudhary. You can watch previous episodes of the web series on LogoTV, and check out the web comic on the series' website here.

7) HBO has announced a schedule for a theatrical release of The Case Against 8. The documentary, which premiered to great acclaim at thecase against 8 Sundance Film Festival this year, follows the legal battle to overturn Proposition 8 in California. You can find the film in Los Angeles and New York theaters June 6, more theaters on June 13, and finally on HBO June 23. Find more information about The Case Against 8 on the film's website here.

8) Nepantla, the first journal for queer poets of color, needs your help to release their first issue! In partnership with the Lambda Literary Foundation, the new e-journal's mission is to "nurture, celebrate, and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community." Funds will be used to pay 60 contributors a $25 honorarium, as well as editorial, technical, and design support. Additionally, Nepantla will be facilitating poetry workshops for queer youth of color, and hosting a queer poets of color poetry reading series. To find more information, and to donate, go to the journal's Indiegogo campaign here.