The GLAAD Wrap: 'L Word Mississippi' documentary, Xavier Dolan's big win, Dustin Lance Black's process and More!

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1. GLAAD Media Award-nominated documentary Valentine Road about the murder of 15-year-old Larry King by a fellow classmate is out to own on DVD and digital platforms June 3. The film is directed by Marta Cunningham and explores the media frenzy that followed the crime, and the larger questions it raised about LGBT youth and school safety. Check out the trailer below!

2. Web series The Better Half has been picked up by Pivot to run on the cable network starting in June. The series stars real life couple Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis and follows their day-to-day hurdles that come with making a relationship work. You can get caught up before the series makes its cable debut by watching episodes on their website.

3. The Abominable Crime is available to own and on VOD starting June 10. The documentary explores the religious-based culture of homophobia in Jamaica and tells the stories of several gay Jamaicans as they have to choose between their homeland and their lives.

4. Openly gay screenwriter, director, producer and LGBT rights activist Dustin Lance Black take viewers through his creative process in a new Academy Original video, in which he also explains why storytelling is an important instrument of social change. Check out the video below!

5. In honor of gay pride month, Showtime is re-airing every season of Queer as Folk and The L Word from June through November. Back-to-back episodes of both series will air weeknights at 8 p.m. from June 2 through June 30 and then exclusively on Thursday nights from July 3 to November 13. All seasons of both shows will also be available via Showtime On Demand and Showtime Anytime this summer.

6. HBO has picked up the script for Open City, a drama about  people living in Manhattan in the 1960s as they navigate the cultural revolution and political turmoil of the era. Created by David Kajganich and openly gay producer/director Adam Shankman, the series will also explore the unlikely alliance between the Mafia and the city's gay community in opening the Stonewall Inn, which was the eventual setting of the 1969 Stonewall riots.

7. Openly gay 25-year-old director Xavier Dolan was awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes for his film Mommy. Dolan's fifth film is a black comedy about the relationship between a mother and her son who suffers from ADHD and is turned down from every institution. The prize is shared with Jean-Luc Goddard for his film, Goodbye to Language.  Dolan's most recent films also include the trans-themed Laurence Anyways and the dark, gay drama Tom at the Farm.

8. In a new documentary, Remembering The Artist: Robert De Niro Sr., Robert De Niro pays homage to his late father's art and reflects on his despair about his sexual orientation. It offers a rare glimpse into the legendary actor's life as well as the struggles his father faced as an artist. The documentary is set to premiere June 9 on HBO.

9. Showtime recently ordered a new documentary, L Word Mississippi, from The L Word series creator Ilene Chaiken. The documentary will explore the daily struggles faced by a group of Southern lesbians and will be produced by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, and directed by Emmy nominee Lauren Lazin.

10. A new documentary, Road to Home, exploring the crisis of LGBT homelessness in New York City needs your help to finish production! The documentary is created by Calvin Skaggs and will follow several young LGBT people who have turned to living on the streets after being rejected by their families. They have completed 95% of production and hope to start editing this summer. To find out more about the project or to make a donation, please visit their Kickstarter page and check out the video below!