The GLAAD Wrap: Broken Tower and Bernie, Post-DADT on Army Wives, and CW's LA Complex

Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBT-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Few working actors today can boast the LGBT film cred James Franco has accumulated over his 15-year career, which has included high-profile gay roles in Milk, Howl, and his directing of a short based on the life of gay actor Sal Mineo (Sal).  He adds to the tally with a new film opening this weekend in limited release (and available on DVD).  The Broken Tower, which Franco wrote, directed, and stars in, focuses on bisexual American Poet Hart Crane, who passed away at age 32 after jumping over the side of a steamship.  Michael Shannon costars as one of Crane’s lovers.


2) Richard Linklater’s newest film, Bernie, is based on the true story of a Texas funeral home director named Bernie Tiede, who befriended an elderly widow before murdering her and spending her money.  The twist is that he was so beloved by the town and the widow so hated by them, local law enforcement had difficult time convicting him.  Shirley MacLaine plays the mean widow, and Jack Black plays the closeted Bernie, though reportedly the movie only “strongly [hints]” at the fact that Bernie was gay. 


3) New drama The L.A. Complex premiered on The CW this week to less than fantastic ratings.  That’s a shame, because this six episode series from the creators of Degrassi is actually a pretty entertaining show that happens to feature some of the only gay, black characters on broadcast television in an affecting (if harrowing) clandestine romance.  Aspiring music producer Tariq find himself both intimidated and intrigued when he’s assigned to work with rising rapper Kaldrick King, but their professional relationship gets thrown for a loop when the too get closer than either expected.  Look for their storyline to begin in next week’s episode.


4) The hit Lifetime series Army Wives introduced a new lesbian couple to primetime recently, when it was revealed that Captain Nicole Galassini was had a female partner named Charlie.  Nicole is played by actress Kellie Martin, who is probably still best known for her roles on Life Goes On and ER, told Entertainment Weekly that Nicole is going through the same process a lot of military personal are going through now that “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” has been repealed, but that "she’s gotten to a place where it’s important enough to be with her partner and doesn’t care what others think anymore.” In the below scene, you can see Charlie get some bad news about Nicole.


5) Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens: Live and Bravo Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development, will release his memoir Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture on May 8. The 288-page novel explores Cohen’s journey from closeted teenager in St. Louis to honored television personality and executive through his lifelong love of all things pop culture. The book is available for pre-order on the Bravo shop and a special excerpt has been posted at


6) Anathema is a six issue horror comic about Mercy Barlowe, a young woman who becomes a werewolf to save her girlfriend’s soul from an evil cult who plans to use it to resurrect an ancient evil. The first issue was successfully printed through Kickstarter funding this past year, and series writer Rachel Deering hopes that fans will come through again for a print run of issues two through six. Deering has posted a five page introduction of issue #1 for new fans and Comics Alliance has posted an additional five pages here. Learn more about Anathema at Kickstarter and watch Deering’s trailer below.