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Ireland makes history as first country to vote for marriage equality nationwide

The votes have been cast and marriage equality is now the law of the land in Ireland. GLAAD worked with the YesEquality campaign, providing the best practices from the marriage equality referenda in the United States, to encourage Irish people to vote in favor of marriage equality. GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis also contributed a video to the #VoteWithUs campaign, highlighting her Irish heritage and calling on Ireland to be a global leader in marriage equality. Ellis' video for the campaign was covered by Irish Central. The #VoteWithUs campaign thanked GLAAD in their acknowledgements on their website: "We wish especially to thank GLAAD, whose support and experience were very useful to us and much appreciated throughout the campaign. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for helping to get the #VoteWithUs messages out; we’re very grateful." Ellis was also quoted in a USA TODAY article, where she explained, "This is a joyous day for Ireland and for LGBT people and our allies everywhere…We are thankful for the leadership of the Irish people, and we hope that many countries, including the United States, follow suit by extending marriage to all their citizens."  A portion of her statement was also included in articles from News Everyday and WTSP 10. GLAAD's work with the YesEquality and #VoteWithUs campaigns is part of GLAAD's Global Voices Program, which aims to accelerate acceptance globally. Read more here.

GLAAD assists United Nations for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia
For the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, the United Nations' Free & Equal Campaign released a video asking people to "look past the labels." GLAAD assisted the United Nations in pulling together a diverse cadre of people to highlight, including GLAAD Media Award-nominated journalist, Edward Wyckoff Williams; New York City transgender firefighter Brooke Guinan; and advocate (and former GLAAD intern) Nicholas Coppola. Also making an appearance is straight ally, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who last year went purple for Spirit Day. GLAAD's work for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia is part of GLAAD's Global Voices Program, which aims to accelerate acceptance globally. Read more here.

GLAAD announces Southern Stories Summer Tour
With an exclusive story in The Advocate, GLAAD announced its Southern Stories Summer Tour. Launching at the Concert for Love and Acceptance in Nashville, GLAAD will be winding its way across Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. Each stop will feature local organizations and advocates who are advancing acceptance. "The GLAAD Southern Stories Summer Tour will be the crescendo of the campaign for this calendar year as we move through six states in seven days to uplift the stories of LGBT southerners and their allies who are working to accelerate acceptance in the region,” GLAAD’s Vice President of Programs, Zeke Stokes, told The Advocate. In addition to the concert in Nashville, GLAAD will be working with local organizations on AIDS outreach in Birmingham, preaching alongside allies in Jackson, screening two original GLAAD mini-documentaries in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, and several other events that directly correlate to GLAAD's programmatic work concerning faith, Latino outreach, transgender advocacy, and more.Check out the full tour schedule to view our interactive map and see if we are coming to your hometown.

GLAAD continues to advocate for revision of Boy Scouts' ban on gay leaders
Robert Gates, the president of the Boy Scouts of America, has urged, in the interest of preserving the BSA's autonomy and longevity, for a revision of the organization's ban on gay adults serving in leadership roles. GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis noted that this is a great first step, but more needs to be done in the future. She explained, “We are pleased that Robert Gates has acknowledged what has always been true -  this discriminatory ban needs to be dropped. There is much more left to be done until full equality prevails in Scouting, but recognizing how out of step the ban is with basic fairness is a good first step." A portion of her statement was included in The New York Times, Time, and Times Argus. GLAAD first started calls for the Boy Scouts of America to end its ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders in April 2012 after Jennifer Tyrrell, a mom and den leader from Ohio was removed from her 7-year-old's Cub Scout pack for being gay. Tyrrell's petition attracted more than 350,000 signatures in support of ending the Boy Scouts' ban on gay Scouts and adult leaders. More than two million people have joined petition campaigns since Tyrrell launched her first petition. Visit to learn how to help GLAAD end the ban on gay parents in the Boy Scouts.

GLAAD works with advocates in Peru by highlighting importance of LGBT visibility and equality
As part of GLAAD's Global Voices Program, GLAAD's Director of Spanish-Language & Latino Media, Monica Trasandes, prepared and taped a virtual presentation for the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's 3rd annual LGBT Summit of the Americas held in Lima, Peru. The summit marks the official launch of the Peruvian GLBT Chamber of Commerce and will include the participation of out gay Peruvian senator Carlos Bruce.

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