GLAAD video: transgender Texan students under attack: Texas Youth speak out

GLAAD announces “Students Against Hate” petition aimed at engaging students across Texas

NEW YORK – As anti-LGBTQ politicians in Texas continue to introduce and vote on anti-LGBTQ measures like Senate Bill 6 and House Bill 2899 – which both target and discriminate transgender Texans, Teen Vogue premiered a new video by GLAAD called “Transgender Texans Under Attack: Students Speak Out,” featuring Texas college students who are seeing immediate and chilling consequences to the anti-LGBTQ activism at the Texas Capitol.

Students in the video share their fears and concerns about Senate Bill 6, the anti-transgender bill that restricts trans Texans from using the restroom according to their gender identity while also permitting discrimination against the overall trans community.

Click here to watch GLAAD’s “Transgender Texans Under Attack: Students Speak Out”

GLAAD also announced the launch of its “Students Against Hate” petition campaign. This campaign, partnering with the Texas Freedom Network, Equality Texas, and the Human Rights Campaign, is aimed at engaging university and college students across Texas about the dangers of anti-LGBTQ legislation currently at the Texas Capitol. Student-led rallies will be held in multiple cities across the state on Tuesday, April 25.

“The voices of transgender young people in Texas are often missing from mainstream media coverage of discriminatory laws like SB6,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO. “Young people today side with LGBTQ acceptance and GLAAD will continue working with our partners to provide platforms for these people to speak out and let their lawmakers know that their transgender peers deserve the same dignity and respect as any other student.” 

GLAAD’s video features numerous transgender Texans speaking out about SB6 and other anti-LGTBQ laws:

“When you label a certain group as ‘unwanted,’ and you’re using a trope of perverted people doing horrible things, you are opening the door to allow a citizen the right to be violent toward another citizen,” said Thatcher Combs, graduate student at the University of Texas-Austin. “And that is the danger that is SB6.”

“It’s scary on campus to think that there might be some vigilantes that spring up,” said Cal G, a student at the University of Texas-Austin. “It adds that extra amount of stress knowing that I might have to hold it until I go home or make sure that nobody is in there and hope that nobody comes in while I’m in there.”

“In my testimony to them, I told them that if they pass this bill, that they will have blood on their hands,” said Tahlia, a student at the University of Texas-Austin.

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