GLAAD VIDEO INTERVIEW: D'Lo talks self reflection, "beautiful masculinity" and his new show 'TO T? or NOT TO T?'

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos sat down with award winning performer, storyteller and comedian D’Lo about his one person show, TO T, or NOT TO T? at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Los Angeles, playing now through July 10th. In the interview, D’Lo talks about his current production, a three part series that details his own queer journey and how impactful representation of the Transgender community can be. D’Lo shares: “This is the second piece in a trilogy of plays, [the] first one is my journey with my mother and how queer people come into queer adulthood without rites of passages.We have to create our own. The third piece is another one about how we live and love boldly. This one is about what beautiful masculinity looks like in a toxic masculine world. It is looking at my journey with my father, but it also takes you down a whole trip from childhood, kicking it with my queer friends and it’s a lot of fun storytelling.”

He also talks about his passion for uplifting the queer community and how he creates a safe space for the audience to embrace their true selves. On the impact of his productions, D’Lo shares “What I hear from my shows is that they get a moment to reflect to their own lives but through my story and so that’s my offering to my queer people.”

Next up, D’Lo will be starring in the new LGBTQ inclusive romantic comedy, Bros along with Billy Eichner, Luke Mcfarlane, TS Madison, and so many more queer icons out September 30th. Watch the full interview between Ramos and D’Lo here!