GLAAD staff plans for upcoming equality work at 2013 staff retreat

The staff of GLAAD met in Denver, Colorado for our first staff retreat in several years thanks to the generous support of Southwest Airlines and the Gill Foundation! You can learn more about Southwest Airlines' work with LGBT organizations here.

Together, GLAAD's staff discussed upcoming campaigns around issues such as marriage equality, immigration reform, employment non-discrimination and ending anti-LGBT policies in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. We also began plans for Spirit Day 2013, the nation's most visible anti-bullying campaign for LGBT youth!

During the meeting, some of GLAAD's transgender staff members discussed our organization's history of support of the trans community - from working with the creators of Degrassi on the storyline for TV's first transgender teen to working with the Associated Press and other media outlets on proper terminology to report on trans people. The staff also looked at upcoming GLAAD projects to grow education and visibility of trans people.

With expertise in news, entertainment, digital, sports and Spanish-language media, GLAAD is continuing to use the media to reach millions of Americans with LGBT stories that create and inspire change.

Thank you again to Southwest Airlines and the Gill Foundation! Southwest Airlines has been a proud partner of GLAAD and has served as the Local Presenting Partner for the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco. In addition to their help with our staff retreat, Southwest has graciously flown many of the families that GLAAD works with year-round including our friends Jennifer Tyrrell, Alicia Burns and their four children!