GLAAD sponsors Trans 100 launch, produced by We Happy Trans and This Is HOW

GLAAD is sponsoring a launch event for the Trans 100 list, a project created by We Happy Trans and This is HOW.  As described by the project's creators, "the Trans 100 is an inaugural overview of the breadth and diversity of work being done in, by, and for the transgender community across the United States." Its goal is to "shift the coverage of trans issues by focusing on the positive work being accomplished, and providing visibility to those typically underrepresented." The full Trans 100 list will be released after the event on March 31, the International Transgender Day of Visibility

The launch event for the Trans 100 list will be held at the Mayne Stage in Chicago. It will be sponsored by This is HOW, Chicago House and GLAAD.  KOKUMỌ, an activist, artist, and African American trans woman is hosting the event, while Janet Mock, a trans activist and writer, and Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, a GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer and filmmaker, will be featured as guest speakers. 

As part of their work to support trans people on multiple levels, Jen Richards, founder of We Happy Trans, and Toni D'orsay, Executive Director of This is HOW, have hired an entirely trans-identified staff to run the event. Speaking about the Trans 100 with WBEZ in Chicago, Jen said: 

"With so much being accomplished in our community, and with the stakes so high, we cannot be content with token inclusion in other lists. Just as We Happy Trans shows the successes and positive experiences that popular media has yet to show any interest in, the Trans 100 will be a showcase for incredible work that would not otherwise be recognized...With the Trans 100, no media outlet, no university, no conference, no LGBT organization, can ever again claim that they don’t know where to look."

"The Trans 100 will bring much-needed visibility to the critical, grassroots work that trans people have been doing in communities across the country for years," said GLAAD's Wilson Cruz. "While media coverage so often misses the mark on accurate portrayals of trans people, the Trans 100 is changing the game by sharing the inspiring and diverse stories behind trans advocacy."

Find out more about the Trans 100 list and launch event at The event will also be streaming live online via Gigity.TV.