GLAAD signs letter urging Georgia state leaders to stop discriminatory #FADA bill

GLAAD has signed on to a letter addressed to Georgia government leaders to protest the proposed "First Amendment Defense Act," or FADA, that would legalize discrimination against LGBT people and have negative effects on the state's commerce.

GLAAD is among other leading LGBT equality organizations taking a stand, including American Unity Fund, Equality Federation, Freedom for All Americans, Georgia Equality, Georgia Unites, Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Center for Transgender Equality, and National LGBTQ Task Force.


The letter argues that FADA would allow individuals and groups receiving taxpayer money to discriminate against LGBT people by citing faith-based opposition to marriage equality. Additionally, FADA would provide a "license to discriminate" against single mothers and their children, survivors of domestic violence, and many other Georgians. The letter goes on to point out other problematic aspects of this bill, stating that the bill's vague wording leaves it open to a range of interpretations. For example, this bill would protect the activities of hateful and dangerous groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

While this bill is presented as a "religious freedom" bill, a diverse group of faith leaders have called this bill unnecessary and divisive. Additionally, a large list of businesses have declared their opposition to this bill, projecting that Georgia will see a nagative business impact if the bill becomes law. Some  predict the immediate loss to be as large as $1 billion to the state..

As a part of the Southern Stories program, GLAAD is supporting Georgia LGBT advocates' efforts to oppose anti-LGBT bills in whatever form they take. You can help defeat FADA and the other so-called "religious freedom bills," and assure the protection of Georgia's LGBT community today.