GLAAD responds to censorship of same-sex kiss in Disney Pixar's film "LIGHTYEAR"

June 17, 2022

GLAAD today responded to news that Disney’s Pixar animated film ‘Lightyear’ has been reportedly banned in 14 countries including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Malaysia due to the lesbian character Alisha, voiced by Uzo Aduba, and the storyline about her family. 

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis:
"Lightyear is a great addition to the recent progress seen in kids and family films, TV series, and books that represent all families, including families with LGBTQ parents. Alisha is an inspiring and heroic character who is a good friend to Buzz, a brave Space Ranger, a loving wife, and a great mom and grandmother. Kids with two moms will see a family like theirs in this film. We're happy to see Disney standing firmly behind their LGBTQ storytelling. The countries banning this family-friendly film are a reminder of the nearly 70 countries where LGBTQ people are criminalized, and a wake-up call for global business with stakeholders in these countries that they must take urgent action to stand with LGBTQ people there."