GLAAD remembers the victims on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. This isn't about pride or parties. This is a somber day where we remember each and every transgender person who lost their life to violence because of who they are. 238 transgender people have been killed worldwide and 15 in the U.S. to date. Overwhelmingly this list is comprised of Black transwomen. Today is the day that we in the LGBT community, along with our allies come together in a show of support, solidarity and outrage.

GLAAD is observing Transgender Day of Remembrance. This past year, we have been working with transgender advocates around the country, calling for transgender victims of violence to have the dignity and respect they deserve. As we participate in vigils tonight in New York and Los Angeles, we will remember those who we advocated for in OhioCaliforniaPennsylvaniaNew Jersey, and New York. We will call for an end to violence, and an end to double victimization by misnaming and misgendering those who have been lost.

"Each one of the people listed below has a story, which was tragically cut short," said Tiq Milan, Senior Media Strategist at GLAAD. "We owe it to these victims to work to end anti-trans violence and ensure their stories continue in a fair way that honors each one of them."Below, you will see a list of some of the people we have lost.


Evon Young. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. January 1, 2013

He was tied up, beaten with fists and other objects, choked with a chain, had a bag taped over his head, he was then shot, set on fire, and discarded into a dumpster.


Artegus Konyale Madden. Savanna Texas. September 1, 2013

The 34-year old was found dead in her apartment with a gunshot wound to the neck. Her killer is still at large.


Diamond Williams. Philadelphia, PA. July 14, 2013

She was killed with a screwdriver and hatched then dismembered and dumped in a field.


Jock Maurice McKinney aka Valerie. Shreveport Louisana. July 12th, 2013

Died from a single gunshot wound.


Fatima Woods. Rochester New York. May 30, 2013

Died of multiple stab wounds.


Melony Smith. Los Angeles California. September 9, 2013

She was found beaten to death in a motel in East Los Angeles.


Shaun Hartley. Baton Rouge Louisana.  

She was found beaten to death in an abandoned house.


Amari White. Richmond Virginia. November 9, 20 2013

Died of multiple gunshot wounds.


Eryicka Morgan. New Brunswick New Jersey. September 24, 2013.

She was stabbed to death by a man who lived in her boarding house. 


Cemia "CeCe" Dove. Cleveland Ohio. March 27, 2013

 The 20 year old was stabbed over 40 times. Her body was tied to a cement block and thrown in a pond. She was discovered 3 months later.


Islan Nettles. Harlem New York. August 17, 2013

She was beaten to death.


Kelly Young. Baltimore Maryland. April 3, 2013

She was found dead of a gunshot wound in her apartment. 


Ashley Sinclair. Oakwood California. April 11. 2013

She was found dead of multiple gun shot wounds. 


Domonique Newburn. Fontana California. August 20, 2013.

Star of reality web series Hollywood Houseboys was found dead of multiple stab wounds in her apartment.


Unknown. Houston Texas. July 7, 2013

Found floating in a gully.