GLAAD remembers transgender icon Codie Leone

Codie Leone, a prominent New York-based transgender stylist and advocate, died on October 23.

Codie Leone was a prominent figure in the transgender community of NYC for the past few decades. An influential hair stylist and makeup artist, Leone was also an integral presence in the New York club scene. After living in Las Vegas for a time, Leone moved back to New York and gained status as an important stylist; working at the famous Patricia Field Salon, wildly popular with celebrities, on the Lower East Side and styling for television shows like Sex and the City and the film The Devil Wears Prada. She also established herself as a NYC celebrity and personality. In the campy television series, Art School Girls of Doom, Leone demonstrated her wonderfully perverse sense of humor.

Recently, Leone had been involved in spotlighting transgender issues, serving as both a spokesperson and role model. Speaking to a group of LGBT youth at the invitation of the LGBT committee in Washington D.C., Leone talked about her transition, which she said was made easier in the open and accepting culture of New York and of the Patricia Fields Salon in particular. She also spoke out against the negative stereotypes of transgender people that are often repeated inaccurately in the media. Inspired by the meeting, Leone had talked of forming a similar LGBT committee in NYC.

Leone will be remembered by her family, including her three sons, Ralph, Sid, and John, as well as her fans and those she advocated for.