GLAAD to President Trump: condemn attacks on LGBTQ people in Chechnya now

President Trump and Administration Remain Silent after US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley Condemns Attacks 

NEW YORK – U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is expected to meet with President Trump today for the first time since condemning the attacks on LGBTQ men in Chechnya last week. Ambassador Haley condemned the violent attacks noting that the U.S. Mission to the UN Is “against all forms of discrimination, including against people based on sexual orientation.” Her statement followed a public call from GLAAD and followers on social media.  

President Trump has remained silent despite additional news reports stating that the Chechen government wants to “eliminate” LGBTQ men by the start of Ramadan on May 26.

“President Trump must speak out in support of human rights and against the anti-LGBTQ violence in Chechnya,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO. “Ambassador Haley’s statement was a step in the right direction, but President Trump and the United States must take a stronger role in keeping LGBTQ people safe and holding those responsible for these attacks accountable. LGBTQ rights are human rights, and it’s up to the United States to lead the effort in protecting LGBTQ acceptance across the globe.”

Just this morning, the New York Times called on the United States to have a more forceful presence in condemning this humanitarian crisis. Apart from Ambassador Haley, other members of the Trump Administration have been completely silent among growing reports of hundreds of LGBTQ people in Chechnya being detained, abused, and possibly being put into concentration camps.

However, LGBTQ supporters and political leaders are joining a chorus to condemn these attacks because they know time is of the essence and the world must stop what is happening in Chechnya. This includes:

  • Tim Wilson - Member of the Australian Parliament and Former Australian Human Rights Commissioner

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