GLAAD partners with the LGBTQ Victory Institute for National Out to Win Day

This year, GLAAD is partnering with the LGBTQ Victory Institute for National Out to Win Day. Celebrated on April 2, National Out to Win Day is the day designated to raise awareness about the underrepresentation of LGBTQ people in elected office and to inspire more LGBTQ people to run and win.

Despite being at least 4.5% of the US population, LGBTQ people hold only 0.17% of all elected offices nationwide. Right now, there are 855 openly LGBTQ elected officials in the entire nation – which means we need to elect 22,529 more to achieve equitable representation in government. Use the Victory Institute’s Out for America Map to discover each of the 855 out LGBTQ officials.

If you’re interested in running for office, take the Out to Win Day Pledge here. Pledgers will receive a 10-email series from Victory Institute that includes videos of encouragement from LGBTQ elected officials, tips from candidates on winning tough races, and information from campaign experts on first steps to organizing a run.

The Victory Institute will also be hosting an “Out to Win” Facebook Live panel on April 2 at 1pm ET at and on Victory Institute’s Facebook page. Rep. Davids, Del. Acevero and Member Frisch will talk about opportunities and challenges unique to LGBTQ candidates and about their decision to run.

National Out to Win Day occurs annually on April 2 in honor of Kathy Kozachencko, who became the first openly LGBTQ candidate to win election in the US when she won a city council seat in Ann Arbor City, Michigan on April 2, 1974.

For nearly three decades, LGBTQ Victory Institute has trained and supported thousands of members of the LGBTQ community in the US and around the world to run for office and advance equality.

For more information, visit about National Out to Win Day, click here.