GLAAD partners with Jacksonville Coalition for Equality for day of advocacy

Ross Murray

Today, GLAAD is partnering with the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality (JCE) to advocate for the LGBT community and push toward accelerating acceptance in the state of Florida.

Ross Murray, Director of Programs - Global and U.S. South, is on the ground in Jacksonville meeting with local advocacy leaders and participating in conversations on what can be done to make Florida a safer, more inclusive, more equitable place for the LGBT community.

This morning, he appeared on First Coast Connect with Dan Merkan of JCE to discuss acceptance and nondiscrimination legislation in the U.S. South and GLAAD's work in Florida after the Orlando attack. You can listen to the full appearance here.

Host Ryan Michael Benk, Ross Murray and Dan Merkan of JCE (left to right). 

This afternoon, Ross--who is a deaconal minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America--gathered with numerous faith leaders in the Jacksonville area, representing a diverse range of faith tradtions to discuss what religious communities can do to advocate for and support the LGBT community. They also honored the victims and survivors of the attack on Pulse Orlando through prayer and reflection.

Ross Murray addresses the crowd at faith leaders lunch.

Faith leaders in Jacksonville come together for lunch, prayer and discussion. 

Latrall Simon leads the group in prayer for the victims of the Orlando attacks.

Later tonight, Ross will be a panelist at "Tipping Point: Jacksonville's Role in the National LGBT Discussion," an event hosted by JCE and GLAAD at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville. The panel event is an opportunity for regional members and allies of the LGBT community to come together and discuss ways to make LGBT affriming and inclusive legislation, LGBT visibility in the South and full equality and cultural acceptance realities for LGBT Floridians.

The conversations and work being done on the ground in Jacksonville today will help inform and build GLAAD's partnership with local leaders and advocacy organizations to accelerate acceptance across Florida and the U.S. South as a whole.