GLAAD partners with Google for "All In" LGBTQ marketing resources

GLAAD is proud to announce a partnership with Google to create All In, a set of inclusive marketing resources, which include detailed insights for portraying underrepresented communities, including people in the LGBTQ+ community. These guidelines are a starting point for creating work that’s nuanced, authentic, and free from stereotypes. GLAAD will work with Google to update them as the research and insights evolve. Guidelines are now available to all marketers who want to improve representation and accessibility in their work at All In.

All In includes useful tools, strategies, and practices to embed inclusion into every stage of a campaign. GLAAD is excited to contribute insights to help the media reflect the diversity of people in the LGBTQ+ community and portray them in a meaningful way. 

Google started an inclusive marketing practice four years ago, to help its teams create more authentically inclusive marketing. It’s publishing everything it’s learned so far to encourage conversation around diversity and inclusion in marketing. GLAAD is sharing these resources to help drive wider changes across the industry. Because meaningful progress will come faster when we all work together. 

The resources include strategies and tools to help marketers consider inclusion at every stage of their campaigns.

  • Building diverse teams: How to embed underrepresented talent in your team and partners to benefit from a variety of perspectives.
  • Crafting inclusive strategy: Integrating inclusion into your strategy at every stage, from overall planning to deploying a brief to media buy.
  • Inclusion in creative: Tools to help you make inclusive choices and avoid stereotypes throughout the creative process.
  • Accountability: How to hold each other accountable, review your work, and set goals to measure your progress.

“LGBTQ visibility matters, and that includes professionals working behind the camera," says GLAAD senior director, Ross Murray. "Google’s marketing inclusion toolkit … should compel companies to evaluate who is in creative rooms designing campaigns and events, who is leading the execution, and which faces are seen and stories are told.”

GLAAD hopes you’ll explore these resources so we can all work towards meaningful change in the industry, together.