GLAAD meets with Newsweek to discuss transgender coverage

Members of GLAAD's News Team met with Newsweek Managing Editor Kira Bindrim and a team of reporters, editors, and social media specialists to talk about transgender news coverage, LGBT story ideas, and information on issues facing transgender people. 

Ross Murray, Director of News, Tiq Milan, Senior Strategist, and Dani Heffernan, Strategist, discussed Newsweek's previous coverage, including the story they recently broke about Meggan Sommerville's lawsuit against the craft store chain, Hobby Lobby. According to the lawsuit, Hobby Lobby refused access to the women's restroom following Sommerville's transition. Newsweek was the first publication to break the story, which touches on employment discrimination against transgender people, public accommodations, and "religious freedom." 

During the meeting, GLAAD discussed relevant campaigns that could be good stories for Newsweek, including #JusticeForJane, employment discrimination against the LGBT community, and national efforts to reduce homelessness among LGBT youth. GLAAD also shared its encouragement to move beyond some of the clichés often seen in even the best coverage, like "before and after" pictures of transgender people, and questions about medical procedures.

Research shows that around 90% of Americans personally know someone who is gay, lesbian or bisexual, but only 8% personally know someone who is transgender. This makes fair and accurate journalism even more important, so that people can come to fully know and understand transgender people.

Feedback from the meetings was positive. GLAAD looks forward to working with Newsweek in the future to ensure continued fair and accurate coverage of transgender people.