GLAAD Media Award-nominated queer couples make it to the finals of E!'s Top TV Couples

“Audiences are clearly hungry for new stories and perspectives, and fans are showing up to support the content that is telling stories they recognize and can relate to,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in our 2018-19 Where We are on TV Report.

This is extremely apparent when looking at E!’s TV’s Top Couple poll, where fans are voting to choose which couple is their favorite on television. Starting in mid-April, 64 couples were chosen, and have been slowly getting narrowed down, bracket style. Earlier this week, the top four were announced and they were all queer couples from GLAAD Media Award-nominated shows: Magnus and Alec from Freeform's Shadowhunters, David and Patrick from Pop TV's Schitt’s Creek, Waverly and Nicole from Syfy's Wynonna Earp, and Aristóteles and Temo from Mi Mariado Tiene Mas Famila on Las Estrellas. Now, only two remain – David and Patrick and Aristóteles and Temo.

David has long been a fan-favorite on comedy Schitt’s Creek, a pansexual man with a witty remark for everything, played by out co-creator Dan Levy. Two seasons ago, the show introduced Patrick (Noah Reid) as David’s business partner, who became his boyfriend, and most recently his fiancé. “I like to feel like it’s all this wonderful sort of magic of relationships and how people can change each other’s lives in really wonderful and unexpected ways,” Levy said to Entertainment Weekly about the love story between David and Patrick.

Mexican telenovela Mi marido tiene más familia is making waves, not just for being one of the most popular shows in several countries, but also for the inclusion of wildly popular couple Aristóteles (Emilio Osorio) and Temo (Joaquín Bondoni), dubbed “Aristemo” by their fans. The story of their relationship got a huge fan response, and also encouraged a spinoff of the two, Aristemo, La Serie, which will premiere this summer. “Seeing so many Latinx individuals embrace the identities of these two characters provides me with so much pride and leaves me wanting more of the storyline,” GLAAD intern Genesis Gil wrote on the boundary breaking show.

Both these couples are more than worthy of winning the honor of TV’s Top Couple, but only one will make the cut. Vote here to choose which of these queer and loving couples will win! Voting will remain open until Thursday, May 2 at 5 p.m. PT.