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PHOTOS: What pride looks like in a still-hesitant Serbia – The Advocate

MEXICO: 30,000 march against marriage equality in Coahuila - VIDEO – Towleroad

Tony Blair: It’s very difficult to raise LGBT rights with anti-LGBT leaders – PinkNews

Lancashire police say "no action" over leaflets comparing LGBT people to pedophiles – PinkNews

Former MP Adam Price: The miners’ strike helped me come out as LGBT – PinkNews

Report: LGBT Americans more likely to live in poverty – Washington Blade

New research says most gay and bi men could still benefit from the HPV vaccine – Gay Star News

Vietnam man arrested for relationship with another man in Burundi released – Gay Star News

All eyes turn to the U.S. Supreme Court – The Huffington Post

Struggle against LGBT equality shows immorality, just not the way they think – The Huffington Post


US: Arizona school denies lesbian couple homecoming bid for queen and queen – PinkNews

Gay politician defects to the party that believes LGBT people cause floods – Gay Star News

Christian baker who closed her shop rather than serve LGBT couples breaks into tears (Video) – The New Civil Rights Movement

Trans advocates hold vigil outside Black Caucus confab – Washington Blade

US: Maryland trans anti-discrimination bill goes into effect – PinkNews

WATCH: These Oregon high-schoolers want a trans-inclusive homecoming – The Advocate

Bible verse screaming gunman shoots LGBT couple with BB gun in Minnesota LGBT bar (Video) – The New Civil Rights Movement

African-American judge compares marriage discrimination to racism – The Advocate

Three arrested in Brooklyn hate crime – The Advocate


Maria's unfair price - Movement Advancement Project

WATCH: GLAAD videos promote bisexual awareness, shatter myths – The Advocate

Please stop saying that trans women were “born boys” – Autostraddle

Op-ed: Why LGBT and the GOP are better together – The Advocate

Op-ed: Fighting AIDS one click at a time – The Advocate

When will trans people be able to openly serve our country? – TransGriot

10 transgender kings and queens who ruled the school – The Advocate

Come out against stigma, live out proud – The Huffington Post

I hope you remember – Autostraddle

Why I wrote I Am Harvey Milk – The Huffington Post

He, zie or they: Gender-specific pronouns are personal – The Huffington Post

I'm quitting — Being a stay-at-home dad – The Advocate


In the galleries: Terry Furry's vulnerable Gods – The Advocate

US inaugural poet writes in new memoir about growing up in Cuban family and hiding being gay – Gay Star News

Felicity Huffman discusses cisgender actors playing transgender roles – The Huffington Post

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