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Amnesty urges Indonesian province to repeal law punishing LGBT relationships with 100 lashes -- PinkNews

Nigeria delays ruling on anti-LGBT law again – Gay Star News

South Africa’s LGBT youth: The future of the LGBT movement? – PinkNews

Anti-LGBT Benham Brothers: We're like ISIS victims (Video) – The New Civil Rights Movement

Australia: Tony Abbott finally replies to 8-year-old who wrote to ask for marriage equality – PinkNews

France: Anti-LGBT national front wins first Senate seats – PinkNews

Brazil: Presidential hopeful says LGBT people "need psychological care" – PinkNews

New Zealand labor leadership hopeful: don't judge me on my identity – Gay Star News

Drop in support for marriage equality is no cause for alarm – The Huffington Post

Powerful photos show the first LGBT pride march in Serbia in four years – BuzzFeed

St. Petersburg Queerfest hit with additional closures and attacks from anti-LGBT activists & police: VIDEO – Towleroad

Hundreds march for equality in Belgrade LGBT Pride – Gay Star News

Russia's highest court upholds anti-LGBT "propaganda" law – The Advocate

US: Supreme Court meeting tomorrow to consider marriage equality cases – PinkNews

Indonesia's Aceh lawmakers approve caning for LGBT relationships – Gay Star News

Teacher suspended for giving LGBT student LGBT films “Latter Days” and “Trick” – Queerty

Could HIV drugs help tackle the Ebola crisis? – PinkNews

LGBT advocates ask RNC: "Where does the GOP stand on LGBT bashing?" – The New Civil Rights Movement


PHOTO: Top Minnesota newspaper under fire for publishing full-page anti-trans ad – The New Civil Rights Movement

Missouri marriage equality ban case due back in court –PinkNews

Three arrested over New York anti-LGBT shooting – PinkNews

Christian pastor’s heartfelt promise "If I have LGBT children I’ll love them" goes viral – PinkNews

Mike Michaud could be the first LGBT man elected Governor. Why aren’t we supporting him? – Queerty

Most Utahans now realize marriage equality wouldn’t affect their families – PinkNews

Plaintiffs in VA marriage equality case look to Supreme Court to decide issue – Washington Blade

Philly court document: Attackers repeatedly punched LGBT men, called them "f*****s" – The New Civil Rights Movement

New law gives trans Californians respect after death – The Advocate

Louisiana church evicts Alcoholics Anonymous group, blames LGBT couples' marriage – PinkNews

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs law outlawing "LGBT panic" legal defense – Towleroad

New York wedding venue owners who discriminated against LGBT couple: "We're not hateful people" - VIDEO – Towleroad

Married LGBT couple denied communion speak out: VIDEO – Towleroad

Alaska argues states have a right to LGBT marriage equality bans – Gay Star News

Catholic school "to review policies" after firing lesbian teacher for getting pregnant – PinkNews


Op-ed: Tech's wake-up call from your transgender co-worker – The Advocate

Bisexual Awareness Week: We see each other, and that’s something – Autostraddle

WATCH: Talking bi issues with Campus Pride – The Advocate

People who identify as femme share photos of themselves for #WhatFemmeLooksLike – The Huffington Post

Hiding in plain sight: bisexual men – Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality

Why this lesbian's pivotal life moment was finding out her wife was pregnant – The Huffington Post

Op-ed: An open letter to my younger bi sisters – Elixher

Op-ed: Talk about HIV today, end it tomorrow – The Advocate

Comment: The road to a better future is paved with rainbows – PinkNews

When a spouse who identified as straight comes out as LGBT: Whisper users sound off – The Huffington Post

4 conversation-starters for gay and bisexual men, by gay and bisexual men – The Huffington Post


"Grease" star under fire for tasteless Instagram photo – Gay Star News

Kelly Osbourne stars in "Good girl freak out" - Out

The enduring love and exquisite observations of Don Bachardy – The Advocate

EastEnders stars cast in tour of UK's biggest LGBT play – Gay Star News

Welcome to night vale: Where queer is normal and normal is bizarre – The Advocate

After dark: Meet Ms. Fitz, artist and nightlife personality – The Huffington Post

PHOTOS: Step into the colorful world of Amos Mac’s gender non-comformists – Queerty

WATCH: How being LGBT and "bad with money" can lead to prostitution – The Advocate

Artist spotlight: C. Bedford – The Advocate

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