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House Committee won't extend spousal benefits to gay vets - The Advocate

The Root 100 features our favorites including Roxanne Gay, Janet Mock and Laverne Cox - Autostraddle

Study: Voter ID laws in 10 states may disenfranchise transgender citizens - The Advocate

US Supreme Court will consider marriage equality in five states - The Advocate

Egyptian man arrested over marriage video declared "not gay" after test - Gay Star News

Teen's suicide highlights struggle of LGBT Colombians - The Advocate

WATCH: TransTech offers employment solutions for aspiring transgender coders - The Advocate


Lesbian lawyer could become the first openly LGBT attorney general in the US - Gay Star News


47 portraits of people in Provincetown and a chat with photographer Emil Cohen - Towleroad

3 great dating tips every single lesbian should follow - The Huffington Post

Criminalization of LGBT people and those living with HIV threatens global progress against AIDS - The Huffington Post

Dear Supreme Court Justices - The Huffington Post

The questions I want my son to keep asking - The Huffington Post

"You're bisexual? Then why not choose to be normal?" - Gay Star News

Op-ed: Some advice for Chad Griffin - The Advocate

9/11 terror attacks 13th anniversary - TransGriot


Batman TV show "Gotham" to feature lesbian detective - PinkNews

Betsey Johnson's show has a marriage equality theme, wins fashion week - BuzzFeed

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