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John Boehner opposes ENDA, dealing blow to law's chances - The Huffington Post

President Obama says it will be offensive for Congress to not pass ENDA - Queerty

Coast Guard adds sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy - Towleroad

Petition puts pressure on Marriott to stop hosting "ex-gay therapy" conference - PinkNews

Kenya Christian pastors start gay rights group and fly rainbow flag - Gay Star News

Hallmark says it was wrong to replace the word "gay" with "fun" on holiday ornament - Towleroad

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls on US Congress to ban discrimination against LGBT people - PinkNews

Marc Rubio: ENDA will burden small businesses, lead to "frivolous lawsuits" - Towleroad

Anti-LGBT lobby blocks progress at global church summit - Gay Star News

Senate ENDA vote will be a test of the Republican Party rebranding - Queerty

ENDA's prospects have gay rights advocates from both parties feeling upbeat - The Huffington Post

Gay Iranian man can challenge his asylum application rejection - Gay Star News

Persian Gulf states seek to bar trans workers - TransGriot

Gay couples becomes first men to marry each other at West Point - Advocate

What the media learned from Chelsea Manning - Advocate

Masked men attack LGBT organization in St. Petersburg, Russia, injuring two people - Towleroad


Obama urges Hawaii to pass marriage equality - Advocate

VIDEO: Hetrick-Martin Institute's Emery Awards 2013 to honor Chelsea Clinton - want to get involved? - The Huffington Post

Nebraska officials convene meeting to discuss equal marriage - PinkNews

Maine Congressman and candidate for Governor Mike Michaud comes out as gay - BuzzFeed

Pentagon inaction leaves married gay couple an ocean apart - BuzzFeed

Bisexual Georgia teen kicked out by parents gets amazing response from strangers - The Huffington Post

Matt Nathanson's "Kinks Shirt" music video features transgender love story - The Huffington Post

Teen found guilty for attempted murder of trans woman - Gay Star News

Baylor student body president vetoes new non-discrimination policy - Advocate


Op-ed: Why I'm skipping Ender's Game - Advocate

Finding my place as a transgender woman - The Huffington Post

TransFaith-TPOCC TDOR Toolkit for organizers - TransGriot

The worst think about coming out - The Huffington Post

Op-ed: The complicated relationship between bullying and suicide - Advocate

VIDEO: Kids react to gay marriage in revealing new video - Towleroad


Britney Spears calls ant-gay preacher her favorite author - Gay Star News

7 trans-friendly video game characters - OUT

Portia de Rossi reveals why she "just didn't want to be a lesbian" - The Huffington Post

VIDEO: Comedian Aziz Ansari makes amusing but poignant point about racial stereotypes and homophobia - PinkNews

20 times Idgie and Ruth were the perfect couple in Fried Green Tomatoes - BuzzFeed

"Orange is the New Black" actress Laverne Cox speaks out for transgender workplace protections - National Center for Transgender Equality

Sia's dilemma: Does working with Eminem validate his hate speech against gays? - The Huffington Post

Upcoming film follows as disabled, HIV-positive man takes first steps for AIDS walk - Advocate

11 amazing young queer artists you should know - Advocate

VIDEO: Rapper R.A. The Rugged Man says Macklemore and Frank Ocean are using "gay agenda" for fame - Towleroad


Gay college soccer player answers those who disapprove of homosexuality - The Huffington Post

Nike donates $200,000 towards ending anti-LGBT hate in sports - PinkNews


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