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Transgender Day of Remembrance: Those we’ve lost in 2013 - Advocate

NRO trots out discredited researcher to defend junk LGBT parenting study – Equality Matters

Advice columnist gives perfect response to anti-gay parent – Gay Star News

Scott Lively: Gay people are to blame for anti-gay violence in Russia—AUDIO – Towleroad

“Corrective” rape in South Africa: Targeted violence against LGBT womyn – The Huffington Post

Peru celebrities pose as gay couples for acceptance campaign – Gay Star News

Broadcaster and LGBT equality campaigner Ray Gosling dies, aged 74 – PinkNews

Scotland prepares for most crucial vote on marriage equality – Gay Star News

Obama links Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to LGBT equality – Gay Star News


Missouri lawmaker to seek impeachment of governor for accepting tax returns from gay couples – Towleroad

Cardinal Spellman High School postpones talk by “pray the gay away” Donald Timone – The Huffington Post

Christian university rethinking ban on hiring openly gay faculty – Queerty

10 years later, horror stories about marriage equality in Massachusetts haven’t come true – Equality Matters

Rev. Frank Schaefer unrepentant at Methodist Church trial; refuses to promise to do more weddings for LGBT couples – The Huffington Post

State high school tennis champ in Virginia comes out as gay via Twitter – Gay Star News

Modernized birth certificate law goes into effect in DC today – National Center for Transgender Equality

Texas National Guard denying military housing allowances for gay couples – Towleroad

Gay California teacher files discrimination lawsuit against school district – Towleroad

Tesco launches inquiry into employees posting online photos and videos abusing trans customers - PinkNews


The invisible epidemic: Lesbians and cancer – The Huffington Post

A Kaddish prayer for International Transgender Day of Remembrance – The Huffington Post

Do we care about trans equality? – The Huffington Post

Lessons from my first Transgender Day of Remembrance – The Huffington Post

Thinking about the girls like us who didn’t get a Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial – TransGriot

Gay insults are so gay – The Huffington Post

Religious leaders quotes on LGBT people, marriage equality, and being gay – The Huffington Post


Baldwin finally faces consequences for hate speech – Washington Blade

Prince’s new song is funky, sexy, and kind of homophobic - Queerty

Queer as Folk creator to explore gay life in new UK shows – Out

Watch now: Orange is the New Black stars Lea Delaria and Lavern Cox at the Out 100 party – After Ellen

Lesbian personalities of YouTube – After Ellen

Openly gay anchor Don Lemon gets new show on CNN - Queerty

Lee Daniels honored with Outfest Legacy Award - Out

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow takes the temperature of the US on LGBT equality - Towleroad


Meet the openly gay almost NFL-er throwing major shade at Jason Collins and Dan Savage - Queerty

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