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It's complicated: LGBT India since 2003 - The Advocate

Monica Lewinsky says suicide of gay Rutgers student prompted her to break her decade-long silence - Queerty

Top Singapore official attacks Goldman Sachs over LGBT student event - BuzzFeed

Denmark: Health minister urged to lift gay blood ban - PinkNews

First LGBT Ugandans to face trial for "sex against the order of nature" - The Advocate

Study shows gay and bi people respond positively to same-sex pheromones - Towleroad

Beijing police detain nine advocates meeting to discuss anti-gay discrimination - Gay Asia News

Thailand catering to surrogacy for gay parents - Gay Asia News


Clay Aiken apparent winner in North Carolina Democratic US House Primary - OUT

No charges against lesbian minister - The Advocate

NYC trans woman wins name-change legal battle - PinkNews

Democrats walk out of hearing on resolution to impeach Pennsylvania Attorney General - BuzzFeed

Missing man found dead, cops point to hookup app - The Advocate

Missouri school district outs trans students to classmates' parents - The Advocate

Will this homeless teenager be our first transgender president? She's working on it - The Huffington Post


12 mays to definitively prove you're actually bisexual - BuzzFeed

Op-ed: Discrimination is not a game - The Advocate

This beautiful photo series shows how kids are redefining gender norms - BuzzFeed

Where to find lesbians? - The Huffington Post


Watch now! Sara Bareilles helps a lesbian propose in "I Choose You" - After Ellen

Billy Eichner to star in Amy Poehler-produced USA network comedy - OUT

Miley Cyrus calls on gay fans to kiss at London concert - Gay Star News

Little Rascals actor speaks of suffering homophobic abuse in new song - PinkNews

Real Housewife Porsha Williams preaches "save the gays" in homophobic sermon - Queerty

Wilson Phillips singer makes transphobic comment on CBS's The Talk, apologizes - The Advocate

Matt Bomer reflects on his road to coming out in college, to family, and finally to the world - Gay Star News

VIDEO: Relive your favorite scenes with "Orange is the New Black" cast - Autostraddle


VIDEO: Two gay athletes come out on MTV's True Life - Towleroad

VIDEO: Australian rugby player suspended for anti-gay slur - Towleroad

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