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Canada: Gay Ugandan advocates due to speak at WorldPride Conference denied entry - PinkNews

New Boy Scouts president: I won't repeal the ban on gay adult members - PinkNews

CDC endorses Truvada in new HIV ad campaign - Towleroad

Boost for LGBT rights in Peru as leading politician comes out - BuzzFeed

US could have nationwide marriage equality in a year, says lawyer - The Advocate

Top Brazilian bishop endorses civil unions for gay couples - Towleroad

France: Homophobic and anti-Semitic National Front win elections - PinkNews

Greece: Homophobic extreme-right party gains European seats for the first time - PinkNews

South Africa: Lesbian minister appointed to cabinet - PinkNews

Exclusive: Trannyshack London will not change name, despite US rebrand to T-Shack - PinkNews


What city in Kansas is getting LGBT in a major way? - The Huffington Post

Pennsylvania will make $92 million extra through legalizing marriage equality - PinkNews

Gay male student crowned prom queen in Connecticut - PinkNews


"Just Me and Allah" photography series documents queer Muslims - BuzzFeed

10 things I wish I could tell my younger self - The Huffington Post

What not to do when someone comes out to you - The Huffington Post

PHOTOS: Cuba's vibrant transgender community revealed - Queerty

10 great LGBT summer reads - The Advocate

Op-ed: Remember, there are transgender people lost serving in silence - The Advocate

It's time we exposed the media's lies about transgender kids - The Huffington Post

Let's have the coming-out-about-your-sexuality talk and clear up 10 things - Upworthy


Logo TV distances itself from RuPaul for defending use of anti-transgender slur - BuzzFeed

Against Me frontwoman: Arcade Fire should have a real trans person in their video, not Spider-Man - PinkNews

Facebook apologizes after banning Queer as Folk producer for celebrating marriage equality? - PinkNews

Duck Dynasty son: My father is a 21st century prophet for his anti-gay rants - PinkNews

Anti-gay Jamaican singer axed from US concert - Gay Star News

Conchita Wurst on coming out and shedding gay shame: "I deserved a fabulous life like everyone does" - Queerty

Justin Bieber donates $545,000 to HIV research at Cannes - Gay Star News

"I don't feel male and I don't feel female," La Roux opens up about her sexuality - Gay Star News

Ian McKellen: Gay people related to the struggles faced by mutants in X-Men - PinkNews

Fox News analyst retracts theory about California killer's sexuality - Gay Star News

Radio hosts Kimberly and Beck are now sorry for the transphobic tirade that got them fired - Gay Star News

Evan Rachel Wood tells Gay Star News she wants to help end stigma about bisexuality - Gay Star News


WNBA launches groundbreaking Pride initiative - Elixher

Being the closeted player on the Christian basketball team - The Advocate

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