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Malta: Bishop who described gay unions as a "grave moral act" meets with gay Catholic - PinkNews

White House Office of National AIDS Policy announces series of "Listening Sessions" - LGBT Weekly

Congressman Carlos Bruce, Peru's civil unions champion, comes out - Queerty

Coalition for marriage poll inadvertently finds most Tories support marriage equality - PinkNews

Majority of Americans would be fine with supporting a gay presidential candidate, study finds - The Huffington Post

Gay Eagle Scout demands Amazon cut ties with BSA - The Advocate

First lady of Belize calls for end to anti-gay violence - Gay Star News

US lesbian becomes first to receive equal military death benefits - Gay Star News

Apparently this photo of a lesbian kiss constitutes "nudity and pornography" on Facebook - PinkNews

NCTE trains job centers throughout the US on serving transgender job seekers - National Center for Transgender Equality

India's version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" will allow third gender participants - BuzzFeed

Anti-gay National Organization for Marriage breached campaign finance laws - Gay Star News

Zimbabwe ruling party politician backs equality for IDAHO - Gay Star News

China's LGBT community prone to chronic depression, says study - GayAsiaNews

Homophobia is un-Islamic and has no place in society, says Iranian official - GayAsiaNews


What the heck is going on in Arkansas? A marriage equality explainer - Autostraddle

Republican Georgia congressional candidate has many thoughts on gay people marrying - BuzzFeed

Federal judge strikes down Oregon marriage equality ban, weddings can start immediately - BuzzFeed

Gay judge pens stirring opinion striking down Oregon marriage equality ban - The Huffington Post

Florida lawmaker says Common Core will turn kids gay - The Huffington Post

Judge: Utah must recognize 1,300 same-sex couples' marriages - The Advocate

Mayor tells bullying victims to "grow a pair & stick up for them damn selves" - The Huffington Post

Oregon's Siletz Native American tribe considering legalizing marriage equality - Gay Star News


Media outlets should cover this historic HIV/AIDS development - Equality Matters

Mad Men takes a look at gay life in the '60s - The Advocate

Transitioning to female taught Rebecca Juro a valuable lesson about male privilege - The Huffington Post

How "Dollars for Disobedience" launched queer clergy - The Advocate

Build 'em up, to tear 'em down: Holding our LGBT role models to a higher standard - Queerty


Robin Roberts chokes up while talking about coming out story - The Huffington Post

Margaret Cho wonders why more men don't come out as bisexual - Gay Star News

"SNL" alumni reunite to mock hysteria over Michael Sam kiss - The Huffington Post

Four reasons to watch the "Sailor Moon" reboots - After Ellen


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