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No openly gay CEOs in top 1000 US companies - PinkNews

Putin: Gay Nazis are responsible for protests in Ukraine - PinkNews

Obama: "No one should face violence or discrimination - no matter who they are or whom they love" - Gay Star News

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia taking place in over 120 countries - The Huffington Post

Nearly 3 billion people live in countries with anti-gay laws - Gay Star News

Russia gay community braves threats of violence to hold peaceful protest - Gay Star News

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon: It is everyone's responsibility to speak out against homophobia - PinkNews

White House backs Hagel's efforts to review transgender military ban - PinkNews

Clinic refuses blood donation from Canadian trans woman - Gay Star News

Chinese advocates brave arrest to "stroll" for IDAHOT - Gay Star News

Stonewall confirms it will no longer use hotel owned by Sultan of Brunei who wants to execute gays - PinkNews

Costa Rica: President flies pride flag to mark IDAHOT - PinkNews

Obama nominates gay man as ambassador to Vietnam - PinkNews

Campaigners want HIV prevention drug on NHS - Gay Star News

Police arrest 77 in gay crackdown in Egypt - Gay Star News

Beijing court agrees to hear gay "conversion therapy" lawsuit - Gay Asia News

Philippines' HIV testing plan for overseas workers targets gay men - Gay Asia News


Hawaii legalized marriage equality 6 months ago--guess what's happened since - The Huffington Post

Another reason why we need a HERO in Houston - TransGriot

Racial divide in LGBT communities could have derailed marriage debate in Massachusetts - The Huffington Post

Utah Supreme Court grants stay in same-sex parent adoption cases - Gay Star News

Benefits for lesbian widows may signal change in VA policy - Washington Blade


What every LGBT teen (and their school) needs to know about prom - The Huffington Post

How to talk to your kids about sexuality and sexual orientation - The Huffington Post

Vintage RuPaul photos document the rise of history's most iconic queen - Queerty

Will RuPaul ever crown a drag king? - The Advocate

Loving the women who look like me: Queer black women in love - Autostraddle


21 "Orange is the New Black" premiere pics to sustain you until June 6th - Autostraddle

Conchita Wurst's Eurovision win will benefit LGBT equality in Europe - The Huffington Post

Michfest urges attendees to rally behind its performers - The Advocate

Carmen Carrera and Tyra Banks are making a docuseries about trans women - Autostraddle

Andrew Garfield stars as trans woman in Arcade Fire video - Gay Star News

Morning news host Robin Roberts defends out NFL draft pick Michael Sam - Gay Star News


You Can Play Project's Wade Davis working with St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam - The Huffington Post

Michael Sam doc-series for Oprah put on hold - OUT

47% of Americans think Michael Sam's kiss was inappropriate for TV - PinkNews

Stars of the Australian Football League celebrate Idaho in 2014 - Gay Star News

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