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US Criminal Justice System discriminates against LGBT people - The Advocate

VIDEO: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says transgender military service ban "should be reviewed" - Towleroad

Naval Academy hosts first wedding for gay couple - Gay Star News

Jamaica: LGBT equality groups partner with government to tackle HIV rates - PinkNews

All the things that can get you stoned to death in Brunei - BuzzFeed

Toyota advert breaks new ground with LGBT couple - PinkNews

UK: 5-year-old boy banned from after school club because he wears dresses - PinkNews

Boycott over Brunei's stoning law costs Beverly Hills Hotel $1.5 million in cancelations - Gay Star News

Hallmark now cares enough to send your "lesbian moms" the very best - Autostraddle

VIDEO: Oprah and Starbucks celebrate gay moms in new Mother's Day ad - Towleroad

Michele Bachman opposes building Women's Museum because it would be a "shrine" to marriage equality - PinkNews

Russia slaps "The Sims 4" with "adults only" rating after learning Sims can be gay - Queerty

UK: Petition calls on Channel Islands to introduce marriage equality and reform LGBT-related laws - PinkNews

Archbishop of Canterbury to unveil anti-homophobia initiative for Church of England schools - PinkNews

Six British papers forced to admit mistake to trans woman - Gay Star News


Republican congressman compares LGBT equality advocates to Nazis - PinkNews

Arkansas marriage ban unconstitutional - The Advocate

How George Fox University created a double standard of exclusion for transgender student - The Huffington Post

Kentucky Gov. claims marriage equality threatens birth rates, economy - The Advocate

Campaign in support of Oregon's anti-gay "religious freedom" measure suspended - Towleroad

Nevada Republicans defend dropping opposition to marriage equality, after RNC attacks - PinkNews

Family Research Council: Clergy who want to perform marriages for gay couples don't deserve religious freedom - PinkNews


12 cisgender allies to trans causes - The Advocate

9 ways life for the LGBT community has improved since 2005 - The Huffington Post

OutSmart Article names 20 LGBT people you should know - TransGriot

In which we are accused of being "Cosmo for Queers" - Autostraddle

Hitting close to home: homophobia and transphobia in Asia = family violence - The Huffington Post

9 things you need to know about the dating app created exclusively for queer women - BuzzFeed

Michael Musto pens open letter accusing Michael Alig of "murdering" nightlife - Queerty

Op-ed: What my transgender child taught me about motherhood - The Advocate

A Vietnamese mother's story to her gay son - The Huffington Post


Celebrities talk LGBT equality on the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet in NYC - The Huffington Post

Kate McKinnon, super funny queer comedian, wins American Comedy Award - Autostraddle

Benham brothers: "We love homosexuals" - The Advocate

Jim Parsons never hid being gay and was "thrilled" when a reporter finally brought it up - Gay Star News

Celebs lace up for Kinky Boots "Just Be" campaign - The Advocate

A bearded drag queen won the Eurovision song contest - The Huffington Post

Nintendo apologizes for Tomodachi Life, promises future inclusivity - Towleroad

We have a date for Tona's Carnegie Hall concert - TransGriot

Antonio Banderas says homophobes are sick, not gay people - Gay Star News

Conchita Wurst tops iTunes Russia - Gay Star News


Michael Sam drafted to St. Louis Rams - The Advocate

Obama congratulates Michael Sam: "An important step forward" - The Huffington Post

Meet Michael Sam's boyfriend - BuzzFeed

How the nation reacted to Michael Sam joining the Rams - The Advocate

Miami Dolphins player Don Jones suspended and fined for offensive tweet directed at Michael Sam - Towleroad

NFL's Michael Sam could still be sacked for being gay under Missouri Law - PinkNews

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