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UK mental health bodies unite to condemn "gay cure" therapy - Gay Star News

Larry King talks marriage equality with the Dali Lama - Queerty

Gay people in Kenya warn Uganda-style anti-gay bill is coming - Gay Star News

UK: Groundbreaking LGBT inclusive sex-education guidance launched by leading charities - PinkNews

ACLU seeks injunction blocking Wisconsin marriage equality ban during court challenge - Towleroad

"Transgender rights are human rights" clip aims to raise awareness of global trans community" - The Huffington Post

Dattch: New lady-dating app that could change everything launches in US - Autostraddle

Hungry, poor LGBT people to become hungrier, poorer after Food Stamp cuts - Autostraddle

Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Ugandan President to discuss anti-gay law's impact - Towleroad

Obama: Religious freedom bill fight not over - The Advocate

Hong Kong advocates launch group to lobby for marriage equality - Gay Star News

Hong Kong to debate recognition of "non-operative" transgender people - Gay Star News

Sierra Leone president wades into Uganda aid cut debate - Gay Star News


University changes policies to prevent gay couples from getting married on campus grounds - The Huffington Post

How one right-wing Christian group is leading Arizona's march toward conservative extremism - The Huffington Post

Utah Attorney General makes gay adoption harder - The Huffington Post

Former Miss Kentucky: I am queer - Elixher

Another Arizona bill quietly looms - The Advocate

Bill de Blasio, NYC mayor, marches in Queens' gay-friendly St. Patrick's Day parade - The Huffington Post

Negotiations for gay-inclusive St. Patrick's Day Parade under way in Boston - The Rainbow Times


Gay-on-gay shaming: The new HIV war - The Huffington Post

I'm trans* and I have a right to date how ever I want (even if it's not heteronormative) - The Huffington Post

To young Christians speaking out against ant-gay discrimination: Thank you - The Huffington Post

An open letter to LGBT youth - The Advocate

20 things gay guys are sick of hearing - BuzzFeed

5 places trans people don't exist - The Huffington Post

God loves you as you are: A message for all gay and transgender Latinos from an American missionary in Costa Rica - The Huffington Post


OPEN THREAD: The 2014 Academy Awards liveblog - Autostraddle

Jared Leto wins Oscar for playing transgender woman with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club - Gay Star News

19 of the top LGBT Oscar moments of all time - The Huffington Post

Shirtless gay kiss on British soap opera sparks controversy - OUT

Lance Bass speaks out against Mississippi "License to Discriminate" bill - The Advocate

Gay singer Steve Grand raises $85,000 to finance new album in must 17 hours - total still growing - Gay Star News

Ellen Burstyn will play "an earthy lesbian" in Amy Poehler's pilot "Old Soul" - The Huffington Post

Here's the real story of how Oscar [winner] Jared Leto got called out for transmisogyny at the Virtuosos Awards - Autostraddle

George Takei talks Arizona< Rush Limbaugh, and business. He doesn't hold back, either - Upworthy

Video game writer blames "sales fears" for lack of gay protagonists - Gay Star News

Watch this Fox News host's heartfelt apology to the intersex community - Equality Matters

Thomas Roberts launches new segment devoted to top gay stories - Queerty

Rufus Wainwright: "Coming out to my parents was a nightmare" - PinkNews

Whoopi condemns anti-LGBT laws in Africa - The Advocate


Proposal to ban gay NFL players sent to Congress - The Advocate

Retired NFL star Deion Sanders: There was a gay player on all five teams he played on - Gay Star News

NBA donating Jason Collins jersey sales to LGBT groups - The Huffington Post

Russia's gay athletic games suffer disruption, harassment - The Huffington Post

Billie Jean King sounds off on LGBT equality, Sochi Olympics - The Huffington Post

Tom Daley named biggest inspiration in sport to UK teenagers - Gay Star News

NFL's Fitzgerald: Anti-gay discrimination bill has "no place in society" - The Advocate

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