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Indian census counts transgender people for the first time, finds half a million - Gay Star News

The week Republicans stopped fighting marriage equality - BuzzFeed

Bisexuality highlighted in newest LGBT history museum exhibit - The Advocate

South Africa gets its first openly gay parliamentarian - The Advocate

Australian first: Both lesbian parents named on birth certificate - The Advocate

Singapore gay man loses first of its kind workplace discrimination court case - Gay Star News

Obama declares June Pride Month, urges Americans to eliminate prejudice everywhere - The Advocate

Facebook releases free Pride-themed sticker set - PinkNews

US Health Department removes ban on transgender surgery - Gay Star News

"Jesus Days, 1978-1983" photography book seeks funding through Kickstarter - The Huffington Post

Thousands join first gay pride parade in Cyprus as anti-gay protestors clash with police - Towleroad


LGBT rally for homeless youth to be held in Washington Square Park - The Huffington Post

Marriage equality takes effect today in Illinois - Gay Star News

Efforts to repeal Maryland transgender equality bill fail - Towleroad

Four seek to bring LGBT representation to Michigan - Washington Blade

Atlanta trans women beaten on train as bystanders film - The Advocate

Former Miss Kentucky reveals what it was like to come out as queer - Queerty

Fox station sends transphobic reporter to slander Maryland trans law - The Advocate

Florida Attorney General: Marriage equality would cause "significant public harm" - PinkNews

Colorado baker still won't serve gay couples, despite losing court battle - PinkNews

Two men charged in attack of trans women in Georgia - Gay Star News


13 things never to say to bisexual people - The Advocate

Janet Mock's letter to Jane Doe - TransGriot

Op-ed: LGBTs, know your worth - The Advocate

I am loveworthy: how a transgender woman found love - The Huffington Post

10 things I learned six months after coming out - The Huffington Post

An open letter to privileged people who play devil's advocate - Feministing

WATCH: Parents of young transgender son share their heartwarming story - The Advocate

Why being a gay man makes me appreciate women more - The Huffington Post


Two generations of gay men share reactions to The Normal Heart - Out

Why diverse queer sex on TV matters - Autostraddle

Rush Limbaugh gets schooled by transgender caller - The Huffington Post

"What's the T?" - documentary explores lives of five transgender women - LGBT Weekly

Spoiler alert: Orange is the New Black season 2 lives up to the hype - BuzzFeed

New film documents worst mass killing of gay people in US history - The Advocate

Tegan and Sara: We choose to be visible to inspire others - PinkNews

Portrayal of gays in Hollywood films is "sad," says screenwriter - Gay Star News

George Takei releases own "Let It Go" cover in response to Westboro Baptist Church - PinkNews

WATCH: Web series Brothers explores lives of transgender men - The Advocate

Rock star Melissa Etheridge marries Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem - The Advocate

Rose McGowan defies boycott, hosts party to support staff at Beverly Hills Hotel - Towleroad


As his proud parents look on, NBA player Jason Collins honored by LA City Council - Gay Star News

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