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American Medical Association: Trans people shouldn't need surgery for legal gender recognition - PinkNews

119 members of Congress want Brunei trade deal called off over "stone the gays" law - PinkNews

World Bank: Homophobia costs Indian economy 30.8 billion dollars - PinkNews

Pro-LGBT Colombian president re-elected - Washington Blade

Obama gives shout-out to gay dads - The Advocate

Sergeant Major jailed for sexually assaulting lesbian soldier - PinkNews

US study shows 21% increase in anti-LGBT physical violence - PinkNews

VIDEO: Spotify helps gay couple's budding romance in new "say it with a song" ad - Towleroad

Wall Street Journal op-ed: Being transgender is just a "confusion" - Equality Matters

Ban lifted on trans-related health care for federal employees - Washington Blade

PHOTOS: Levi's introduces Pride line featuring t-shirts, hats - The Huffington Post

VIDEO: Insurance company marks Pride with beautiful animated gay love story - PinkNews


Gender non-conforming teen forced to "look like a boy" for driver's license photo - PinkNews

Mystery surrounds death of young trans advocate in California - The Advocate

Alabama's anti-sodomy law overturned by state appeals court - Gay Star News

Nebraska Supreme Court refuses to allow lesbian couple to divorce - PinkNews

Marriage equality ends in Wisconsin, for now - The Advocate

A cop at DC Pride kissed his boyfriend to piss off the Westboro Baptist Church - BuzzFeed

Boston Pride Parade & festival celebrate 44 years in New England - The Rainbow Times


The next phase of the trans movement - The Huffington Post

Trans dads talks about Father's Day - The Advocate

Hillary Clinton's evolution on marriage equality reflects many Americans' -- including my own - The Huffington Post

The color of desire: Interethnic border crossing, part 2 of 3 - Center for Culture Sexuality and Spirituality

VIDEO: Tony Perkins on LGBT Pride Flag at US embassy: Obama is turning America into Sodom - Towleroad

21 insightful confessions about bisexuality - BuzzFeed

25 reasons having gay dads is awesome! - The Huffington Post

Why Pride still matters and isn't just about parades and parties - The Huffington Post

Chelsea Manning writes op-ed for the New York Times - Gay Star News


12 kick-ass gay women in comic and graphic novels - BuzzFeed

Singer Lance Bass to marry partner on TV next February - PinkNews

VIDEO: Ricky Martin changes lyrics from "she" to "he" during Morocco concert - PinkNews


Formula 1 PR rep claims he was fired over pro-gay tweet - Gay Star News

GLAAD: FIFA needs to ensure gay fans feel safe at the World Cup - PinkNews

Michael Sam signs historic NFL contract with St. Louis Rams - The Huffington Post

WATCH: WWE legend Pat Patterson comes out as gay - Out

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