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Relief for lesbian asylum seeker as Home Office halts her deportation to Uganda - PinkNews

PHOTOS: Pride around the world - The Advocate

Gay Tea Party activist claims support for marriage equality is "completely fabricated" - PinkNews

King's College rejects call from PinkNews founder to rescind honor for Sultan of Brunei - PinkNews

Southwest Airlines recognizes Pride Month in June and all year long - LGBT Weekly

LOOK: Honey Maid makes another awesome pro-LGBT move - The Huffington Post

Thailand's School Rainbow Project spreads awareness of LGBT youth in Bangkok - The Huffington Post

Santorum joins NOM's March for (straight) Marriage - The Advocate

LISTEN: Tony Perkins compares LGBT equality advocates to Nazis - The Advocate

Thailand gets new online tool to access HIV/AIDS information - GayAsiaNews


Confusion in Wisconsin as some counties turn away gay couples seeking marriage licenses - PinkNews

Salt Lake City officer claims he didn't refuse to work in Utah's gay Pride parade - The Huffington Post

This newlywed gay couple in Wisconsin got an amazing surprise at dinner - The Huffington Post

Chris Christie hammered by ACLU for D+ record on civil liberties - The Huffington Post

PHOTOS: LA Pride in West Hollywood - The Advocate

Toni Atkins sworn in as first lesbian Assembly speaker - LGBT Weekly

UC President Janet Napolitano to appoint advisory group on LGBT issues - LGBT Weekly

Cleveland police arrest man they say killed transgender woman - BuzzFeed


The color of desire: interethnic border crossing - Center for Culture Sexuality and Spirituality

How CBS botched a positive story about transgender youth - Equality Matters

Dispelling myths, misconceptions, and lies about gender nonconforming children - The Huffington Post

I know my 9-year-old son's "type": Pretty boys with dark hair - The Huffington Post

WATCH: Parents exude pride in trans sons - The Advocate

Op-ed: Why "bi" is so tough to say - The Advocate

PHOTOS: Meet the agender young adults challenging the gender binary - The Advocate

The Center for Sexual Justice: How the criminalization of the queer community affects us all - The Huffington Post

Yoruba Richen on Black vs. gay narrative - Elixher

VIDEO: Check out this incredible supercut of gay rights news clips from the 1980s - Towleroad

VIDEO: What life is like for transgender woman's family 3 years after her transition - The Huffington Post

8 same-sex couples' wedding kisses that will leave you weak in the knees - The Huffington Post

Why LGBT Pride matters to Mormons - The Huffington Post

Coming out to your healthcare provider - The Huffington Post


Anna Paquin "proud to be a married bisexual mother" - Gay Star News

President Obama called Ryan Murphy after watching "The Normal Heart" - Towleroad

MTV renews Faking It - Out


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