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Russia to revive Soviet Eurovision alternative to protest gay "madness" of Conchita win - PinkNews

China: Gay "cure" clinic sued by advocates in landmark move - PinkNews

Smart phone app Whisper brings continued LGBT youth persecution to light - The New Civil Rights Movement

10 US senators urge Obama to take Nigeria and Uganda to task over anti-LGBT laws - Gay Star News

Former "ex-gay" activist backs away from past, now supports GLAAD - The Advocate


Michigan Democrat introduces law that will ban gay "conversion therapy" - PinkNews

Equality Michigan petitions Michfest to end exclusionary policy - The Advocate

The most lesbian/bi tidbits from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 - AfterEllen

First ever Mississippi mayor to support equal marriage to retire - PinkNews

Wyoming marriage equality lawsuit will be allowed to go to trial - PinkNews

Inside LES with an LGBT equality historian - The Huffington Post

ACLU of North Carolina on 4th circuit marriage ruling: The time to act is now - Towleroad

Colorado Supreme Court tells Boulder County to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples - PinkNews

Nevada TV station gives transgender nine-year-old a platform - PinkNews

WATCH: Ohio's first pro-marriage equality ad in a decade - The Advocate


Why is drug use higher in the gay community? - PinkNews

To be black, trans, and brilliant: Lourdes Ashley Hunter - The Huffington Post

The New Yorker's skewed history of trans-exclusionary radical feminism ignores actual trans women - Autostraddle

Femslash can save the world if we let it - Autostraddle

The 24 realest Tumblr posts about being a lesbian - BuzzFeed


Camp Abercorn parallels boy Scout summer camp - Out

VIDEO: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj--"Bang Bang" - Towleroad


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