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Coca-Cola bans the word "gay" in new campaign -- "Oops. Let's pretend you didn't just type that" - PinkNews

Northern Cyprus votes to repeal ban on LGBT intimacy - PinkNews

Kuwait launches crackdown on trans women for "imitating a woman" - The Huffington Post

Israel to legalize surrogacy for gay couples - PinkNews

Stonewall co-founder: Ben Summerskill's departure is a chance to renew relationships and reassess strategy - PinkNews

Mission America's Linda Harvey claims gay people are all closeted straight people - Gay Star News

Australian government study finds kids with gay parents do as well as those with straight parents - Gay Star News

Sri Lankan MP outed by Wikileaks says government is out to get him - Gay Star News

AUDIO: Phyllis Schlafly: "Many Americans" moving out of marriage equality states in protest - Towleroad

Spanish Cardinal likens being gay to high blood pressure, says cure is possible - Advocate

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ended in 2010, but it's an ID card that makes it real for these families - Upworthy

Despite calls, anti-gay RNC member won't resign post - Washington Blade

First English and Welsh marriages for LGBT couples will happen and be recognized sooner than thought - PinkNews

TSA changes policy to accommodate gay couples - Towleroad

Blackburn family jailed for kidnap attack on sister's partner - PinkNews

Mayor of Sochi claims there are no gay people in his city - Gay Star News

LGBT advocates disappointed rules for community care fail to protect LGBT seniors - National Center for Transgender Equality

Russian officials discuss removing "gay" in "gay propaganda" - Queerty

Lush Cosmetics launches "Sign of Love" campaign against LGBT discrimination in Russia - Towleroad


Susanne Atanus, GOP candidate: Autism, Dementia are God's punishments for gay people, abortions (UPDATES) - The Huffington Post

Gay son of Indiana House Committee Chairman who voted for ban on marriage equality speaks out - Towleroad

Ban on marriage equality to get full Indiana House consideration on Monday - Towleroad

Ohio man charged with murder of 22 year old Justin Earley, college student he met online - Queerty

After 20 years, transgender inmate is a step closer to surgery - The Huffington Post

Alaska senate leader on marriage equality: "If you can't see it coming, your eyes are closed" - Towleroad

Michigan won't recognize their marriage, or let her take her spouse's last name - The Huffington Post

Catholic school won't re-hire gay vice principal, Mark Zmuda, after his marriage - The Huffington Post

GetEQUAL Nevada responds to Attorney General's anti-gay remarks - The Rainbow Times

Virginia Senate committee kills second-parent adoption bill - Washington Blade

Nevada AG re-evaluating defense of ban on marriage equality - Washington Blade

Attack on NYC gay journalist may have been hate crime, police say - Advocate

LGBT couple takes Oklahoma marriage case to federal appeals court - BuzzFeed


Who speaks for Russia's children? - The Huffington Post

Tiq Milan and Christina Kahrl's CNN appearance discussing reporting fails on the trans community - TransGriot

"You can tell just by looking": A no-nonsense answer to LGBT "myths" - LGBT Weekly

Chicago, Amsterdam, and Santa Fe are among the best gay travel hotspots - Queerty

Op-ed: The deadly effects of outing - Advocate

GENDA: How the fight for a basic civil rights law inspired a movement in New York State - The Huffington Post

This media campaign is as awesome as trans-exclusionary Medicaid regulations are terrible - Autostraddle

What research about transgender people can teach us about gender and inequality - The Huffington Post

Impolite society: I'm offended, he's offended, they're offended, we're offended - The Huffington Post

This is how Indiana's ban on marriage equality will affect me - The Huffington Post

2014 Grammys liveblog and open thread: Mary Lambert Fanclub edition - Autostraddle

Today in gay history: Virginia Woolf's Orlando says it all - OUT


34 couples got married during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Grammys performance - BuzzFeed

Following anti-gay controversy, Duck Dynasty ratings slide to lowest in more than a year - Gay Star News

Sundance's gay movie selections reveal more equality, fewer stereotypes overall - The Huffington Post

WATCH: Broadway's best respond to Russia's anti-gay law - Advocate

The curious case of LGBT love on NBC's "Dracula" - BuzzFeed

Tegan and Sara texting during the Grammys is sisterly love at its most hilarious - BuzzFeed


Jason Collins to sit in Michelle Obama's box for "State of the Union" address - Towleroad

Maddow: Gay athletes in Sochi are brave - Advocate

Gay Australian Olympian Belle Brockhoff promises to "rip on Putin's ass" in Sochi interviews - Towleroad

Queer Nation New York uses Coca-Cola ad to protest Sochi Games - Gay Star News

VIDEO: Canadian Sports Network takes engaging look at homophobia in sports - Towleroad

Brittney Griner nominated for new award - Elixher

Martina Navratilova: Anti-gay laws make it "impossible" to separate sport from politics at Sochi Games - PinkNews

American Apparel and LGBT equality group team up for Olympic clothing campaign - Gay Star News

Blake Skjellerup: The Ace Athlete On Sochi, Gay Athletes and His Future On The Ice - Instinct Magazine

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