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Facebook goes beyond "male" and "female" with new gender options - CNN

Polish bishops: Pope laughed at the idea of marriage equality - Gay Star News

US scientists find being gay is 40% genetic - Gay Star News

Janet's a New York Times Bestselling author - TransGriot

Hong Kong students pair up in photos for marriage equality - Gay Star News

World unites to send Putin Valentine's Day gay kiss - Gay Star News

Nigerian mob beat gays with spiked sticks, force them to flee homes - Gay Star News

WATCH: 17 transgender stories filmed by Bruce Weber - OUT

"Welcome gay couples or be damned like racists," Archbishop tells Church of England - Gay Star News

GLAAD Global Voices Program to recognize international LGBT advocates at 25th annual GLAAD Media Awards - LGBT Weekly

Denmark celebrates 25 years of gay couples' unions at Eurovision - OUT

VIDEO: LGBT equality advocates in Kenya protest Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill - Towleroad

Over 100 MPs and peers write to Uganda's President urging him to amend anti-gay bill - PinkNews

WATCH: ABC goes inside Moscow's embattled gay club - The Advocate

Yelena Goltsman, Russia LGBT advocate, on what will happen to the gay community after Sochi - The Huffington Post

Catholics urge church to evolve on LGBT equality - The Advocate

Ted Cruz introduces bill to limit federal recognition of marriage - Washington Blade

JFK's grandson Jack Schlossberg did not come out as gay - The Huffington Post

Study finds marijuana may stop the spread of HIV - Queerty


Virginia ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional - The Advocate

Kansas Senate leader says bill condoning discrimination against gay people unlikely to pass - Towleroad

Tennessee lawmaker introduces "turn the gays away" bill allowing religion-based discrimination - Towleroad

New York and Boston mayors plan to boycott St Patrick's Day parades over ban on gay marchers  - PinkNews

Court orders Texas to recognize marriages of trans people - PinkNews

Trans student hopes to make high school softball dreams a reality - The Advocate

Indiana senate prevents voters from considering ban on marriage equality until at least 2016 - Towleroad

Nikki wins trans marriage appeal - TransGriot

Wendy Davis backs marriage equality - The Huffington Post

No church trial for Methodist minister - The Advocate

VIDEO: Rajee Narinesingh, victim of fake doctor, gets relief for her "cement face" - The Huffington Post

Wyoming House rejects marriage equality bill in 41-17 vote - Towleroad

Texas tattoo parlor offers $20 "My Little Pony" tattoos to raise money for suicidal bullied 11-year-old - Towleroad

Alabama man whose spouse was killed in wreck is suing to overturn state's anti-equality marriage laws - Gay Star News

Bill introduced in Wisconsin legislature to repeal state's ban on marriage equality - Gay Star News


How an extreme anti-gay law could hurt straight couples - The Huffington Post

You need to read "The Sochi Project" right now - Autostraddle

How "The Color Purple" taught me self-love - Elixher

18 true stories about interracial hook-ups, dating, and relationships - BuzzFeed

Why the first openly gay American Idol contestant matters - OUT

8 lesbian chic looks from NYFW 2014 - After Ellen

Get ready for Valentine's Day: 10 ideas for single people - Queerty

These are the 8 types of gay guys you'll date in your twenties - BuzzFeed

Michael Sam, race, being LGBT, and commodities - The Huffington Post


EastEnders star speaks out on gay storyline, reaction - Gay Star News

Bonnie McKee opens up about being bisexual - The Huffington Post

The 20 most eligible TV characters - OUT

Valentine's Day ad gives sweet salute to gay military members - The Huffington Post

Crowdfunding underway for Katherine Heigl's new lesbian movie "Jenny's Wedding" - After Ellen


Russia blocked an Olympian's website for "gay propaganda" after seeing this picture - PinkNews

America is ready for openly gay athletes, poll shows - The Huffington Post

Esera Tuaolo, gay NFL veteran, on what Michael Sam's coming out means to professional football - The Huffington Post

MSU's Rufus Warren: Football "is a man sport and being gay is not a man" - Towleroad

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